Friday, 2 November 2007

More "racist myths" exposed...

Back in July I wrote about a report in The Times which acknowledged that in some towns there was a significant problem of "Asian" paedophiles preying on underage white girls, and pointed out that the BNP had raised this issue two or three years before, and had been denounced for spreading "racist myths".

Well, another claim that the BNP has made, and for which the party has been denounced as a bunch of lying hatemongers, has been the claim that white British residents in some areas were being put to the back of the queue for council housing, while newly-arrived immigrants jumped straight to the front. Unsurprisingly, Unite Against Fascism, together with a whole host of other leftist organisations, jumped up to denounce the BNP's allegations as - yes, that's right - "racist myths". The Labour MP for Barking, Margaret Hodge, was attacked by many of her fellow leftists when she made a similar point back in May.

And yet, it seems increasingly apparent that the BNP had a point on this issue too. In July Laban Tall reported on a Radio 4 (!) programme in which Barking's director of housing, David Woods, admitted that the "needs-based" system that the borough uses for allocating housing meant that, in practice, local residents, white or otherwise, did often lose out to newly-arrived immigrants. Now I read that Trevor Phillips, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has announced that there will be an inquiry into this very issue. Possibly the first useful thing he's ever done...

Of course, having an inquiry into the issue is not the same as concluding that there really is a problem. And, indeed, I am sceptical of the EHRC's ability to actually hold an independent inquiry. However, the very fact that the EHRC, an organisation which is hardly a friend of the BNP, has concluded that the issue is worth investigating, suggests that the evidence that there is a problem consists of rather more than "racist myths" existing only in the twisted minds of BNP thought criminals. Certainly, I do not see how, given St Trev's announcement, the BNP's (or, indeed, Margaret Hodge's) decision to raise this issue can be seen as evidence of deceitfulness, racism, and general wickedness. Indeed, the only people who have been shown to be deceitful, racist, or wicked, have been those people - and there are many of them - who have sought to shut down all discussion on this issue, for fear that truths might be unveiled which did not fit the politically-correct paradigm. If those people had had their way, and if the BNP had kept quiet about this, then you can bet whatever you like that there would be no investigation taking place today.


againstthewall said...

The BNP is the exception amongst UK political groups in that its utternaces should not be treated with the suusal cynicism. It is desperate to gain credibility and cannot afford to offer up to its detractors any mistakes or misleading statements - these would be repeated against the BNP for ever by the MSM and the Commie groups. These people crave some real dirt on the BNP rather than the lies they continually have to manufacture.

Therefore when the BNP makes a point which undermines the Tyranny then it should be given the benefit.

Anonymous said...

" Now I read that Trevor Phillips, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has announced that there will be an inquiry into this very issue. Possibly the first useful thing he's ever done.."

You really think so? I can't shake the feeling, myself, that this will be an exercise in the perfection of lip-service. It'll be the Hutton report all over again, nominal investigation, whitewash of any results which may appear, and the government aqcuitted of all charges and smelling of roses.

All in an effort to make us feel that the serious issues are being dealt with by mainstream parties and detract from the potential powerbase of non-mainstream parties such as the BNP. It stinks to high heaven of a set-up. I mean, how could it not be? It's going to be run by Trevor Phillips, the man who said that BNP members are subhuman and should be denied communion.

Guardian apostate said...

Trevor Phillips has instigated this inquiry with the sole intention of refuting any claims of discrimination. He wants to nail the 'myth'. It's all too transparent.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Mr Smith:

"You really think so? I can't shake the feeling, myself, that this will be an exercise in the perfection of lip-service. It'll be the Hutton report all over again, nominal investigation, whitewash of any results which may appear, and the government aqcuitted of all charges and smelling of roses."

Exactly. And the Hutton Report is now widely believed to have been a whitewash. Equally, if Phillips's report concludes - as it almost certainly will - that all is rosy, then it will simply come across as a big cover-up (which is what it will probably be). This won't do anything to help the cause of Phillips and his friends, but it will serve to focus attention on the matter in issue: the discriminatory provision of council houses.

Also, whatever conclusions Phillips's report reaches, the fact remains that even this infamous race hustler has deemed the matter to be worth looking at. As such, this makes it rather difficult to accuse the BNP of spreading "racist myths" by raising the issue, and should serve to undermine the credibility (such as it is) of those (such as UAF, or the execrable Jon Cruddas) who said that the issue should not be discussed at all.

najistani said...

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