Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Religion of Peace and death threats

Opposing Islamification can be a dangerous business. Readers will probably recall the horrific attack on Danish SIOE activists last month, as well as the threats of violence made against British SIOE demonstrators on the MPACUK forums, and the arrest and prosecution of a seventeen year-old Pakistani for plotting to murder BNP members. Now I read that Councillor Alan Craig, who has been leading the campaign against the East London Mega Mosque, has contacted police after discovering a video on Youtube which he believes contains an implicit death threat against him.

The video, which has been up on Youtube since June, and which may be viewed here, is entitled "In memory of Councillor Alan Craig", is just under two minutes long, and consists primarily of a series of photographs of Mr Craig, his wife, and their two young daughters, set to Elvis's song, You Were Always On My Mind. Clearly, the imputation that Alan Craig is dead, when he is in fact very much alive, is somewhat sinister, and could certainly be construed as a statement that "you are a dead man". Given the less-than-total aversion of some followers of the Religion of Peace to the use of violent methods in the pursuit of their goals, I think that it is quite understandable that Mr Craig is concerned.

The video was put up on Youtube by user "abdullah1425" (see his account here), who has also uploaded a number of other videos, some of which relate to the Mega Mosque. Some of his other videos are...interesting, to say the least (this one, for example, compares the relationship of Mohammed and Aisha to the relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, on the grounds that both involve age differences, which rather ignores the fact that Katie Holmes was a responsible adult when she married Cruise, while Aisha was a 6 year-old child when she married Mohammed), but, to be fair, I am not aware that he has made any implicit or explicit threats of violence in any of his other videos. And perhaps that was not his intent with this video, although I struggle to think of any other reason for implying that a political opponent was a "dead man", unless one's intention was to intimidate. Certainly, Mr Craig was, I think, right to take the matter up with the police, and hopefully they will make some efforts to clear up the situation, and possibly to take action against the man who has posted these apparent threats.

Update: YouTube has now taken down the video.


JuliaM said...

"The video was put up on Youtube by user "abdullah1425"..."

Is 1425 a significant date for Muslims..?

Or has he just used his age and IQ?

Fred said...

Posted on islam.about.com on Sunday February 15, 2004

Islamic New Year - 1425 H.
Next weekend (ie Saturday 21 February 2004) marks the beginning of the new Islamic year. Among Muslims, time is marked from when the Prophet Muhammad and his companions emigrated from Mecca to Madinah, a turning-point in Islamic history that allowed the community to prosper, grow, and develop. Emigration is called Hijrah in Arabic; thus the calendar is called the "Hijrah calendar."

What happened in 2004 AD, in East London that the jihadis don't like?

Homophobic said...

Youtube will never remove that video. They ought to just put it on the front page and shout "kill the kuffar".

I'm shocked and sickened. Again.