Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Post-Colonial Hegemonic Tyranny Defeated!

I am pleased to report that the reign of the white male chauvinist oppressor, PCSO Steve, is at an end. PCSO Steve, readers may recall, was the unspeakably evil (i.e. white and male), symbol of neo-Colonialist hegemony, used to, as one Metropolitan Police sergeant put it, "isolate" women and non-whites within the police force. To be precise, he was an oversized costume, similar to the mascots commonly used by football clubs, which could be worn by a real-life PCSO for visits to schools and public events. A big waste of money, perhaps, but otherwise apparently harmless.

But, since the costume depicted a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, certain people, such as the police sergeant quoted above, seized on the opportunity to raise the cries of "racism" and "sexism". And I am sure that those people will have been delighted to read in yesterday morning's newspapers, that PCSO Steve will now be joined by three new friends, including PCSO Sunita, an Asian woman. And all at a bargain £15,000! The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, who one might think would have rather more important matters to worry about right now, said:
These characters will be more representative of London's population and the diverse range of police personnel. The choice of characters will allow the concept of a Safer Neighbourhoods team to be presented to young children as well as delivering an important message about the different roles of PCSOs and constables.
Because, of course, that just couldn't happen if you only had a white male mascot.

Meanwhile Islington-based PC Geoff Parker said:

One of the things that is damaging our job and our relations with the community is this constant overbearing political correctness. We seem to be taking the issue to the extreme, and pandering to every whim and gripe. We need to take a sensible approach to this and stop over-reacting.
What a bigot! It's such a shame, isn't it, that, eight years after the Macpherson Report, the Met Police still employs officers who possess such antediluvian views as this?

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Homophobic Horse said...

They chucked it out for being the wrong colour. tut tut tut.