Saturday, 17 November 2007

Mega mosque death threatener arrested

Remember "abdullah1425"? He was the rather disturbing (and, as it turned out, disturbed) individual responsible for the posting on YouTube of a video containing an apparent death threat directed at Alan Craig, the Newham local councillor who has been leading opposition to the East London mega mosque.

Well, I now discover, via Jihad Watch, that "abdullah1425" has been arrested by police, presumably in connection with the threatening video. I am not aware of any details beyond this, but it would appear that he has since been released, since he logged onto his YouTube account just four hours ago, at the time of writing (i.e. at around 7pm, on Saturday).

Personally, I am pleased - and somewhat surprised - to see that the police are actually responding to this incident. Clearly, the video, which I and many others were able to see before YouTube took it down, did merit investigation, at least. It will be interesting to see what action the police take next.

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Fidothedog said...

Abdullah has posted!