Friday, 23 November 2007

Stupid Criminals of the Day

Are these the most stupid muggers in Britain?

Minutes after attacking a teenager on a commuter train, these young lads shamelessly posed for CCTV footage.

Then, astonishingly, they tried to cover up their faces with their scarves and jumpers once they realised what they'd done.

The three youths had just mugged a 15-year-old for his mobile phone and iPod after jumping on him on the train to Guildford, Surrey.

They punched him repeatedly in the face before pinning him down and stealing his possessions.

The victim fled the train at Effingham Junction after the attack, which took place between Leatherhead and Effingham Junction around 4pm on 13 September.

But the suspects remained on board and strutted in front of the train's security cameras, brazenly pulling faces and making themselves easily identifiable.
And here are two of the three Nobel Prize nominees:

Charming, aren't they?


Umbongo said...

Stupid they may be but not for the reasons you identify.

They know that neither their criminality nor their brazenness will result in any serious adverse consequences for themselves. They're probably early/mid teens and thus their names will not be made public. If caught they will be dealt with in a juvenile "court" and their every "human right" will be protected by the full authority of the courts and the state. Their "punishment" will be risible. OTOH their victim will get nothing except "free" medical treatment in the equivalent of a third world hospital: he will receive nothing further from the state (except maybe a warning not to "take the law into his own hands" when the Police/CPS/Probation Service/courts fail to administer anything within a 1,000 miles of justice).

Fidothedog said...

A sound slapping is in order for these young scrotes.

Homophobic Horse said...

In Grimsby, some of these oppressed youths took it upon themselves to tear down garden fence panels to make a bonfire. When the firemen arrived they beat up the firemen (no really!).

On the evening news the next day a representative of the fire brigade said that "we must listen carefully to what greviances these boys have with the fire brigade".

Ya rly.

This is what cultural marxism has done.

PC Cultural Marxism = Degenerative brain disorder