Monday, 26 November 2007

Today's Thought Criminal

DAVID CAMERON has come under pressure to sack a Tory who praised the leadership of Ian Smith, the white minority leader of Rhodesia, who died last week.

Richard Willis, a councillor in Reading, Berkshire, who is on the list of Conservative candidates for the next general election, said on a website that Smith had been a “great and wise” leader whose rule had been “benign and successful”.


In comments on the website Willis defended Smith’s record and insisted there was nothing “inherently evil” about the all-white administration.

He wrote: “I refuse to submit to the prevalent ideology that a government that delivers stability and economic success is inherently evil just because the elite were of a racial minority. Rhodesia was the breadbasket for southern Africa under his wise leadership.” The statements, penned under the tag “Rik W”, drew a furious reaction from other users, who condemned him for supporting a “vile white supremacist”. Willis derided the criticism as “silly leftist responses”.

Sounds fair enough.

Yesterday he stood by the comments. Although apartheid was “indefensible”, Smith’s Rhodesian Front had been “infinitely” preferable to Mugabe’s regime.

He said: “You cannot judge governments of the past by 21st century standards. Ian Smith led a government that actually had people migrating to the country.”

Peter Hain, the cabinet minister who led the campaign against apartheid in the 1970s, said: “As someone who campaigned actively against Ian Smith’s racist, white minority tyranny I am disgusted by these comments. Yet again we see racism remains embedded in the Tory grassroots.”

What I really want to know is, what is a cabinet minister doing kicking up a fuss about the remarks of an obscure provincial councillor? Doesn't Peter Hain have anything better to do? Like jumping under a bus, for example?

As for Mr Willis's comments: well, if saying that Rhodesians/Zimbabweans, of whatever race, were better off under Ian Smith than they are under Robert Mugabe makes you some kind of evil white supremacist bigot, then Peter Hain had better apply that label to Paul Themba Nyathi of the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change, who having fought against Smith's government in the 1970s, now says that life in his Rhodesia was "a paradise" when compared with life in Mugabe's Zimbabwe. And RW Johnson, the Sunday Times journalist who reported Mr Nyathi's comments, will also have to go down in the records as an unrepentant thought criminal, since he wrote that:

...everything then was better for Africans than it is now – education, healthcare, standard of living, life expectancy and employment.
Was Ian Smith's administration perfect in every way? No. But it was very far from being the worst government that Africa has ever seen, and it was a damn sight better than the administration that followed. Sadly, Ian Smith has, like Enoch Powell, been declared a heretic by the liberal-left, and anyone who has anything vaguely positive to say about him will receive the same designation, regardless of such irrelevancies as the facts.

And, since Peter Hain raised the issue of "racism", I would also point out that Ian Smith did not preside over an extremely successful campaign of ethnic cleansing. Robert Mugabe has done:
The last vestiges of the people that Ian Smith pledged to protect, the white Rhodesians, are being swept away. From their peak of 300,000, there are barely 20,000 whites, mostly the elderly, in Zimbabwe today...
Where, I wonder, is Peter Hain's "disgust" regarding this? Where is the condemnation of the leftists who were so quick to attack Richard Willis?

Update: In the comments, Mexicano points out that white Zimbabweans were not the first group to be ethnically cleansed in Mugabe's Zimbabawe. Mugabe also presided over the massacre of about 30,000 Matabele tribesmen in the early 1980s. Again, Ian Smith did not tend to go in for that kind of thing.


Homophobic Horse said...

By their fruits ye shall know them yadda yadda yadda

Some people, like Peter Hain, would sooner die then part with their narcissistic self image.

Well I just did it. I denounced him as insane. I am an intellectual prostitute. I prostitute myself.

BFB said...

Blacks 'Want whites back in charge'

So would I, If I were (dare I say it)...BLACK!

Sevo said...

New reader here in NYC - good web site. I discovered you via VFR.

Leftists like Peter Hain do not care about blacks; they care about having the right opinion even if the resuting policy causes black suffering. These people happily apologized for communist rule over half of Europe rather than show any support for Thatcher. They claim to be "labor" but don't care about displaced workers if those doing the displacing are black or brown or "Asian" or whatever. They are not serious people, actually: their adult lives are one big adolescent rebellion against father.

wildgoose said...

Just fixing the link given above:

"Wanting Whites Back In Charge"

You may need to login if you haven't registered (for free) with the NY Times.

Alex. A said...

Peter Hain is simply a mechanical politician which has been contrived to parrot clich├ęs about "racism" whenever it hears trigger words like "Ian Smith", "Rhodesia", "Enoch Powell", etc.

Homophobic Horse said...

See, even Sevo denounced him as insane, in a freudian way.

Everyone's an insane psychiatrist now.

mexicano said...

You might also have mentioned Mugabe's attempt at ethnic cleansing the Matabele in a bid to consolidate his power in the early 1980s. Some 20-30,000 are thought to have been killed (many tortured to death) by the notorious North Korean 5th Brigade.

muzzylogic said...

We can see how well the ideas of Hain and his fellows anti-racists have worked in Zimbabwe -- and South Africa too. How reassuring to think they're in charge of race policies in this country too.

Homophobic Horse said...

Yes, you're right there muzzylogic. We have a race problem in this country and the way to solve this race problem is with unlimited immigration.

Fulham Reactionary said...


Welcome, and thanks for your comments. A large number of people have come through from VFR in the last couple of days, and I am, of course, very greatful to Lawrence Auster for linking here.


Thanks for the link to that article.


Thanks for raising the issue of Mugabe's massacre of the Matabele. I will update the post to mention it.