Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Abortion ship back on the water

A while back, the group Women on Waves (or, as it should perhaps be renamed, Dykes in Dinghies) caused a bit of a storm when it provided a new means for abortionists to circumvent the law of various nations, and kill a few babies. They did this by launching a ship, registered in the Netherlands, collecting women from those nations lucky enough to still have substantial restrictions on abortion, and then sailing out to international waters, and doing the odious deed.

In 2004, following an eleven day stand-off in which the Portuguese government prevented women seeking abortions from going to the ship, the Dutch government passed a law banning the vessel from travelling more than fifteen miles from Amsterdam, which severely curtailed the ship's capabilities. Now, however, the socialists are back in the Dutch governing coalition, and the ban has been curtailed.

And so the dykes are happily preparing their dinghy, and will soon be sailing out into the big wide world, to provide abortions aplenty. The Portuguese government has since legalised abortion, so Women on Waves are now planning to take their ship as far afield as Argentina in pursuit of their noble cause.

Oh, what one wouldn't give for a good tidal wave...

Update: In more bad news, abortion was legalised in Mexico City yesterday.


Anonymous said...


You might be interested in the latest ATW post on the abortion topic. One of the contributors appears to have lost her mind.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Yes, I saw that post. It did surprise me somewhat.