Sunday, 22 April 2007

Riot Alert!

According to a report in the Sunday Times today, Muslims in France are threatening to riot if Nicolas Sarkozy is elected president of the country:
In the centre of the bleak 1970s council estate - where only 44 per cent of adults are employed - Koné Jaoussou, 28, was waiting with a friend, Zair Issa, 18, after voting for the Socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal.

"I just hopes she gets in because if Sarkozy wins, this place is going to explode again," he said. "There’ll be riots here in the suburbs all over France."

According to provisional results, Sarkozy has taken 30% of the first-round vote, and will go into a run-off with Segolene Royal, who got 25%. He must surely be the favourite, and the run-off is on May 6th, so I would advise readers to look out for more Muslim violence come May 7th.

Or, alternatively, if he loses, I would advise readers to remember that Royal is the candidate of dhimmitude, and to look out for an Islamic state in France, come 2010.

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