Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Immigrant Criminality

BRITISH security services are covertly tailing more than 40 criminal cells run by recent immigrants from eastern Europe.

The gangs, operating across the ­country, are understood to be involved in people trafficking, prostitution, money-laundering, extortion and drugs.

A well-placed Home Office source told the Sunday Express that the cells have thrived since Christmas when the UK open­ed its borders to EU newcomers Bul­garia and Romania.

The Government was repeatedly war­ned of a likely influx of criminals – ­particularly from Bulgaria, renowned as the most lawless nation on the continent.

It is understood two gangs have already had their bank accounts secretly frozen, after investigators found they had accrued more than £15million in just four months.

No arrests have yet been made. Last night Scotland Yard would not comment on the ongoing inquiries.

The Home Office source said: “The biggest thing I am seeing at the moment is the new Eastern Bloc citizens who are a criminal element. Currently, the main security services are tailing over 40 cells of criminals. Many of the ringleaders are making themselves rich on the back of this – and our hospitality.

“Many of the criminal elements are now teaming up with their fellow countrymen who have been here for a couple of years.

“Many of the previous asylum seekers (seeking asylum from what? Condign punishment in their own countries, perhaps? - FR) under suspicion, or those who have been convicted of crimes already, are now in cahoots with much bigger fish.”
(Hat-tip: Central News)

The government has promised to "be tough" on these people. To emphasise the point, here is a reminder of just how tough the government can be:
Up to 200,000 asylum seekers will be allowed to remain in Britain because Home Office officials admit they will never be able to track them down.
I bet those Bulgarian gangsters are just quaking in their boots right now!

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