Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A New Crusade

Mr Smith has set up a new blogging collective, the New Crusaders. At present it's functioning as just another blog, with a number of contributors, but it's hoped that, given time, it will develop into something bigger than just that.

The theme of the site is broadly Christian, and we all believe that Britain (and other Western nations) should return to being Christian nations, as they have been for the past 1,700 years or so. We realised that, while plenty of sites are opposing Islamification, there has not been such a drive to propose a positive alternative, both to an Islamic theocracy, and to a collapse into secular liberal nihilism. The aim of the New Crusaders is to propose that alternative.

I will be one of the contributors, and aside from Mr Smith, the other contributors will be Dee, of the Australian blog Righteous Indignation, and Janie Doe, of the Catholic blog St Catherine of Siena UK. It is hoped that we will recruit more contributors in the future.

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