Saturday, 7 April 2007

BBC hatred of Britain

Only this morning, BBC Radio Wales's Good Morning Wales programme was debating the issue of immigrants after a survey of 2000 people by YouGov found that three quarters felt Britain's traditional identity and culture was changing. Is that actually a bad thing?
This quote from the BBC's North East Wales Weblog was posted back in July 2006, at the end of a piece of drivel praising the efforts of some dreadful woman named Lyn Wakefield, who organises events designed to brainwash schoolchildren into loving Islam. As such, it can hardly be described as topical, but I was particularly infuriated by this comment when I discovered it yesterday evening. I think that it tells us quite a lot about the kind of left-wing, anti-British attitudes prevalent at the BBC. After all, the BBC would lead the wailing if any ethnic group, other than the native British, were stripped of their cultural heritage. But when it's just us, they appear to support the destruction of our cultural heritage.

Interesting, also, that the man who wrote this, obscure BBC functionary Nick Bourne, does not even feel the need to justify his suggestion. That, I think, says something about the degree to which anti-British hatred is simply received wisdom at the BBC.

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