Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Supermarkets: The Hidden Evil

I went to Tesco today. This is not a particularly unusual occurrence, although I do sometimes go to Sainsbury's.

I had thought that what I was doing was innocent, normal. But now I realise, to my eternal shame, that I was actually supporting wicked racism, albeit inadvertently. By shopping at Tesco, I was rendering myself equivalent to those who stood by and watched the Nazi atrocities, but did nothing.

Or at least, so says Trevor "untermenschen" Phillips (the man responsible for promoting 'equality' in Britain, by which is meant, turning the native population into second-class citizens, and calling us racist if we object), for whom supermarkets are the new frontline in the battle against 'racism':
Supermarkets have expressed concern after Britain's race watchdog said they should be forced to recruit more ethnic minority [staff] by positive discrimination.

Trevor Phillips said retailers should have new powers making it is easier to attract employees to reflect the make-up of their local communities.

The new Commission for Equalities and Human Rights chairman told MPs that his body should have sweeping powers to permit positive discrimination to prevent jobseekers from migrant communities being disadvantaged.

Now, I don't know why Trev has picked a fight with the supermarkets. He certainly hasn't produced any evidence to support his assertion that they are hotbeds of racial discrimination. Indeed, I don't know about you, but I don't think that non-whites are exactly under-represented among the employees of supermarkets. In the whole of London I cannot recall ever having been into a supermarket where the overwhelming majority of staff were not either black or Asian. The Tesco store I go to has no white staff, the Sainsbury's store one. Given that Fulham is one of London's whiter areas, I hardly think that this reflects the "make-up of the local community". Perhaps I should write to Trev, and ask him to pop round, and order them to sack some of their existing, competent, staff, and hire the first white layabout who comes their way.

But I suppose Trev would answer that the high percentage of white people round here simply means that we are all wicked racists ourselves. Applying Trev's principles, perhaps some of us should be evicted from our houses, and replaced with blacks and Asians, in order that the area might be made more 'diverse'!


Wolfie said...

The Sainsburys on Townmead Rd which I frequent has no more than one white member of staff when I visit.

Probably because all us WASPs work in Investment Banking.

Anonymous said...

"Applying Trev's principles, perhaps some of us should be evicted from our houses, and replaced with blacks and Asians, in order that the area might be made more 'diverse'!"

Based on my two and a half years living in Fulham, I don't think any force is necessary to continue its proceeding "enrichment"

Fulham Reactionary said...


It is interesting that Phillips wants to provide more jobs for non-whites in supermarkets. Hardly the most prestigious of jobs, being a shelf-stacker or till-operator, is it? And it isn't likely to set them on the road to anything better either. Given all this, I would have thought that investment banking would have been a more likely target for him, but since he's evidently bordering on insanity, it really is impossible to predict what he'll say next.


A while back, I spent a year living in the Borough. Fulham lags as far behind that area in terms of enrichment as John Prescott would behind Martin Lel in a marathon.

Anonymous said...

Same anon to fulham reactionary:

Agreed, I lived in Camberwell for three years before moving to Fulham - still, it is only a matter of degree. Sadly, if current trends continue I don't think there is anywhere in London suitable for settling down long term.