Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Muslim Emigration?

Many Muslims, fed up with what they see as Islamophobia, are upping sticks and heading for the Middle East.

At Nuzhat al-Sibassi's family home in south London, the contents are being packed away in boxes, ready to be shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

Mrs al-Sibassi was born in Britain to Pakistani parents, raised and educated here. She's worked as a senior hospital manager in the NHS, but is now moving with her family to the United Arab Emirates.

They won't be missed.

"Living here is not how it was. The politics and the environment has changed and people's perception of Muslims has changed dramatically. A number of incidents in UK over past 3-4 years have marred life for decent Muslims living here."

Mrs al-Sibassi is just one of a growing number of middle class Muslims who are leaving because they no longer feel comfortable living in the country of their birth.

Last year an ICM survey found that two-thirds of Muslims contemplated leaving Britain after the 7 July bombings in London. The regular flow of front-page headlines has placed Muslims under intense pressure to explain their faith and its place in British society.

Let's just pause to remember that 7/7 involved the murder of 52 people by a gang of Muslim terrorists. There has never been anywhere near such violence perpetrated against Muslims in the UK.

Personally, I'd be delighted to see mass Muslim emigration from the UK. Unfortunately, despite the spinning of the BBC, the fact remains that the Muslim population of the UK is given endless preferential treatment, that they are a group that wields an increasing, and increasingly malign, influence, and that their numbers are steadily increasing as well. But you won't hear the BBC comment on any of that.


Anonymous said...

Hmmn... how best to celebrate....

Dee said...

I like your blunt comment: "They won't be missed"...Lucky UK if they all follow suit, though I get the uneasy feeling that they'll all go back to their little third world holes and in with the 'old gang' and plan bitter revenge.
By the way, your BBC sounds worse than our ABC and that's saying something.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Mr Smith:

A pig race? With plenty of beer? Through a deserted Mosque?


I'd rather have Muslims getting angry and hating us in Dubai than in Dewsbury. Suicide bombs are not long-range missiles, and they can't harm us if they're not here (at least, not unless we let them get hold of nukes).

And, while I can't speak for ABC, I can say that it would have to go some way to match the vileness of the BBC. I've just yesterday bought a book by a former BBC journalist entitled 'Can We Trust the BBC?'. I believe that he answers in the negative, because of its inherent left-wing bias. Also, if you look at the UK section of my blogroll, there's a site there called 'Biased BBC' which is worth a read, if you've got time.