Thursday, 26 April 2007

The Party of Law and Order

A Tory councillor who criticised looters of a shipwreck is being investigated – for allegedly plundering a BMW motorbike.

Stuart Hughes, who is also a member of a police authority, went on TV to attack scavengers who made off with cargo washed up from the MSC Napoli.

He handed out coastguard forms for looters to report what they had taken from the beach at Branscombe in East Devon.

And he later called for the area to be closed off, saying the plunderers were taking their lives in their hands' by scouring the wreckage.

Now Mr Hughes, 55, has himself been interviewed by police over allegations he removed goods without reporting them.

Police refused to reveal what he is accused of taking but the father-of-two confirmed he has been questioned over the theft of the BMW bike worth £15,000.

Of course, he's innocent until proven guilty.

As were Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken.

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