Sunday, 22 April 2007

Islamic Tolerance Strikes Again!

In the past, I've written about the Islamic persecution of Iraq's Mandaeans, and over at Christianophobia Watch we regularly cover the large-scale persecution of Iraqi Christians. Jews were almost entirely driven out of Iraq, and most of the Arab world, after the establishment of Israel in 1948, although for some reason you don't hear assorted worthies lining up to call for their "right of return" to be recognised.

Really, being a religious minority in Iraq is a lot like being caught up in a giant version of that favourite game of children and drunken teenagers, Spin the Bottle. When the bottle points to you, it's your turn to get lynched!

Now, the Muslims have once again spun that bottle, and this time, it's pointed itself at the Yazidis:
Unidentified gunmen have killed 23 people in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police said.

All the victims were said to be members of the Yazidi religious minority which follows a pre-Islamic religion and worships an angel figure.

Police said the victims had been dragged from a bus and shot dead. Followers of other faiths were reportedly left unharmed by the gunmen.

As with the Mandaeans, the Yazidis are another group that I'd never heard of until today. It's interesting how many groups I only find out about when the Muslims start to exterminate them.

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