Friday, 6 July 2007

A brief flash of sanity

Back in September, one thing that really, really, irritated me was the news that the Metropolitan Police were planning to consult with Muslim leaders before carrying out raids on Muslim terrorists. The idea, which came from the somewhat stunted mind of the Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, would have entailed four security-vetted Muslim leaders (nice friendly moderates, of course, like Iqbal Sacranie, or Inayat Bunglawala) examining police intelligence, and then advising on whether they considered it to be of sufficient significance to justify carrying out potentially violent arrests.

The plan was stupid on a variety of different levels (the risk of one of the Muslim leaders passing on information to the terrorists, the fact that this is clear preferential treatment for Muslims, and the fact that these people are not security experts and have no authority on which to base the judgements on the basis of which they were to give their advice, to name three), and I am glad to report that it has been abandoned. Presumably even senior police officers were able to spot the utter idiocy of the plan. Of course, knowing Sir Ian Blair's appalling track record, it can only be so long before he disgraces himself and his office once again.

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