Saturday, 7 July 2007

More on the moron

Dhimmi Watch has an update on Ann Holmes Redding, the Episcopalian priest in Seattle who, besides describing Christianity as "the world religion of privilege", and expressing her dislike of white people, is presently attempting to balance being an ordained Christian minister with being a practising Muslim.

Apparently the Bishop of the Diocese of Rhode Island, the Rt Rev. Geralyn Wolf, has suspended Redding's priesthood for a year, in order that she might:
...reflect on the doctrines of the Christian faith, her vocation as a priest, and what I see as the conflicts inherent in professing both Christianity and Islam.
Which is at least a somewhat stronger approach to this bizarre woman than that adopted by the Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, the Rt Rev. Vincent Warner, whose response to Redding's display of insanity was to say that "the interfaith possibilities [were] exciting".

Meanwhile, Redding, who expressed her disappointment at being suspended, had this to say of her conversion to Islam:
...since entering Islam, I have been, by my own estimation, a better teacher, a better preacher and a better Christian.
Further comment would, as they say, be superfluous.


Aurora said...

FR, moron indeed. This brain-challenged, pseudo-spiritual nutjob takes the word 'juggling' to new dizzy heights. Why doesn't she just go and start a new religion? Oh,'s more fun to try to destroy ours! People get out of churches like these. Real ones are out there.

Anonymous said...

That could only happen in the US....elsewhere any connection to Islam & you're a muslim OK!

Anonymous said... do you make attached links live?

A Free Man said...

And they actually have to ask why Christ did not allow women to lead? Daft tart!

Fulham Reactionary said...


I'm afraid I have no idea, although it is possible to shorten them by using tinyurl (

Free Man:

To be fair, male priests don't always behave any more sensibly than Miss Redding. There was an Anglican one who was allowed to continue to practise, despite being a practising Hindu, for example. Plus, of the two bishops involved in this case, it was the male one who was particularly idiotic. I think that the displays of idiocy seen here have more to do with this being the notoriously liberal Episcopal Church, rather than with Redding being a woman.

Anonymous said...

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Takes a little while, though, so I don't bother with it that often myself, TinyUrl's much more convenient most times.

On Topic - All Hail Tashlan!

Now, where's those stakes and faggots?

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