Sunday, 29 July 2007

Hugh Fitzgerald on demography

There's an interesting post by Hugh Fitzgerald at Dhimmi Watch, on the subject of the demographic war being waged by Muslims against the infidels. Of course, I doubt that there can be many people reading this blog who are unaware of the extremely high Muslim birth-rate in Britain, and in Western Europe as a whole, but Mr Fitzgerald also demonstrates that the tactic (and there can be no doubt that, at least for the imams in charge, it is a tactic, and a very successful one) of turning themselves into a majority by simply outbreeding rival religious or ethnic groups is one that Muslims are using across the world. Of course, once their numbers become sufficiently large, then the next step is incessant low-level violence against non-Muslims, something that we are already beginning to witness in France and Sweden, for example.

Another point that Mr Fitzgerald makes is that the bloated Western European welfare state means that we are actually supporting the vast families that so many Muslims have. It is bad enough that these people are living and breeding in our midst, ready to take over our country. But the fact that we are paying for them to do so really is sickening.

It is imperative that we prevent the Muslim population in Britain growing much further. If we do not, we risk ending up like the Christians of Lebanon, now an oppressed minority in a land which once was theirs. For this reason, I believe that we need to take drastic action to make the breeding up of big families less appealing to Muslims. And the best way to do that, is to hit them in their wallets. Specifically, I believe that Muslims should be denied access to the various social security payments upon which so many of them rely for financial support when raising their numerous children. They should not, for example, be entitled to child benefit payments: if they want to raise an invading army within our country, let them finance it themselves, if they can. Or let the much-vaunted Ummah pay for it. But leave the British taxpayer out of it. I imagine that if Muslims were made to suffer genuine financial hardship in consequence of their habit of breeding vast families, then they would be much less keen to do it, and the Muslim birth-rate would fall significantly.


Anonymous said...

Parable of the sower...Mark 4. 1-9.

You cannot stop people from reproducing, but you can strengthen your own tribe.

Young people of the UK...throw off the material aspirations it's time to build an army.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish have a simple saying (derived from their experience of conquest and colonisation by Muslims) that goes, 'Where there are more Muslims than Spaniards, the Muslims win'. Says it all, really.

Anonymous said...

Ban cousin marriage. That would disrupt their breeding habits as over 50% marry their first cousins. Also ban the importation of spouses from Dar al-Islam