Monday, 2 July 2007

'Hello sailor'

In Britain, our children read books about homosexual penguins, and spacegirls with two lesbian mothers. In Sweden, parents are compelled to send their toddler sons to school wearing dresses, to teach them to reject masculine stereotypes. Now, I find that the corruption of schoolchildren has spread to Germany, where pupils from the age of 14 upwards are to be taught "homosexual wooing techniques", in a bid to "break down age-old schoolyard prejudices".

Quite how they are going to learn "homosexual wooing techniques" is unclear: are they just going to practise saying 'hello sailor' in a Kenneth Williams voice over and over again until they get it just right? Apparently "role-playing games" will be involved, but I really don't want to pry too closely into what this means.

However it's going to be taught, it shouldn't be. This is quite clearly an attempt to teach children that being a homosexual, and engaging in homosexual relationships, is in no way worse than being a heterosexual and engaging in a traditional heterosexual relationship. Essentially, therefore, it is an attempt to teach children something which, viewed objectively, is simply not true, but which fits very well with the views of the liberal-left, who seem to dominate education systems across the Western world. These views, if put fully into practice, would completely undermine the special importance that we attach to marriage (genuine, heterosexual marriage), and would contribute to the further slide of this country into nihilistic moral relativism.

I would add that in this particular case children are not merely being taught to like homosexuality, but may well be being taught to become homosexuals themselves. After all, they are being made to pretend to be homosexuals, and to imagine themselves as homosexuals: would it be any wonder if at least some of them were to be pushed over the edge into homosexuality as a result of this kind of thing?

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Aurora said...

FR, excellent commentary on a really huge problem. Thanks for the link!

Alex said...

...When you view it objectively, it is in no way worse than being in a heterosexual relationship. Role playing might be a bit far, but children should be taught that gay people exist in society and deserve not to be harassed, a particularly important issue to be addressed in schools.

The idea that someone can be 'pushed over the edge' into homosexuality just misses the point that it is not something that can be taught. How can discouraging children from baseless hate possibly contribute to moral decay?

Fulham Reactionary said...

I don't see that homosexual relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships. Heterosexual marriage is the bedrock on which society is built: heterosexuality keeps the species going, and marriage is the most solid foundation for the raising of children. Without it, society would be in deep trouble. Whereas, society and the species at large would not be one jot worse off without homosexual relationships. Indeed, it is very possible we would be better off.
Besides this, acceptance of the claim that homosexual relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships does lead to the devaluing of traditional relationships by removing them from the pedestal upon which past generations have justly set them. It also contributes to the creation of an "anything goes" culture; after all, once you broaden the range of acceptability from traditional heterosexual relationships to homosexual relationships, simply because people wish to engage in homosexual relationships, how far are you going to keep on broadening that range? Bestiality, perhaps? This is not a groundless slippery slope argument: Peter Singer (Princeton philosophy professor) has expressed views that would appear to support the legalisation of bestiality.

I'd agree that homosexuals should not be harassed, but I think that this goes rather further than merely teaching that. I also think that harassment of this and other sorts could be reduced by teaching a bit of old-fashioned decency and respect for all to our schoolchildren.

As for pushing people towards homosexuality: while there may be a small minority of people who are genetically homosexual, I cannot believe that fully 10% of the population (the percentage commonly cited as being gay) are genetically gay. And, as I wrote in the post, encouraging children to imagine themselves as homosexuals, and to role-play picking up other same-sex children, is hardly going to be good for them.
I'd also point out that they're not just being discouraged from hating homosexuals as individuals: this clearly goes far beyond that.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Oh, and no problem Aurora: thanks for finding the story. As regular readers of this blog may have noticed, there's nothing I like better than a story about liberal indoctrination in our schools!

AgainsTTheWall said...

The healthy reaction to homsexuality is disgust. Homosexuals should understand that for the moment they are a protected group but their ever more outrageous antics will generate an undercurrent of contempt and anger amongst normal men. The day will come when they are no longer protected and then they risk a backlash. A little reserve, humilty and respect for other people's feelings now might be the wise course.

alex said...

I suspect the 10% figure is an exaggeration, possibly trying to account for those who haven't come out (who by definition can't be counted). While the mechanisms of homosexuality are not greatly understood, it's becoming clear that neither genetics nor environment contain all the answers. What is clear however, is that you can't be taught or chose to be gay. Whilst I still think this whole thing is a lousy idea and I'd agree it goes way beyond what's a good idea, kids roleplaying at being gay (whilst perhaps more likely to experiment) are no more likely to become gay than children who aren't.

Maybe the world wouldn't be worse without homosexual relationships, but since the situation is unchangeable, could it be made so the world was better because of them? Bringing homosexual couples into the mainstream of society helps create more stable units capable of raising children but obviously not their own. I'd argue that a sub-section of couples that are unable have children of their own and a large number of children in need of families are a perfect match. Whilst this may be a large social change I think to disregard it on that basis ignores the fact that a great deal of good that could come out of it.

In answer to your Bestiality comment, there is a clear distinction. Ignoring for a moment the disgusting image, why is bestiality wrong? Other factors aside, it's clearly abusing the animal. I see no reason why an 'anything goes' culture can't exist as long as 'anything goes' doesn't allow people to hurt others. Consensual homosexual sex and bestiality are as different as heterosexual sex and rape, has our acceptance of sex led to our acceptance of rape?