Friday, 20 July 2007

Mega Mosque Petition Update

Just a brief note to say that the petition against the East London mega mosque closed on Thursday, as the most popular petition on the 10 Downing Street e-petitions website, with 277,041 signatures. Clearly, this is a very sizeable demonstration of the widespread public opposition to this project, and it is to be hoped that the government will take the views of the public on board. Hoped, I say, but not expected.

The execrable terrorist-supporter Inayat Bunglawala is not best pleased with the petition's success. He would much rather that the British people sat quietly and submissively by while their country was taken from them, and is angered by their failure to be good, obedient, dhimmis. Rather amusingly, he seeks to present, as a justification for the mosque being built, the fact that it will "only" have room for 12,000 worshippers. So that's just four times the size of England's largest Anglican cathedral then...

Some readers may also recall that there was a pro-mosque petition. At the time of writing that has surged in popularity to 1,039 signatories. Only another 276,000 to go, and they'll catch the anti-mosque petition! To put that in context, given that the pro-mosque petition has attracted about 800 signatories over the past two months, then, if present trends continue, they should catch the anti-mosque petition towards the end of the year 2064.

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