Friday, 6 July 2007

Hypocrite of the Day

I was amused to read of the latest travails of the once (and future?) Lib Dem leader, Charles "mine's a Scotch" Kennedy. It seems that he was this afternoon "spoken to" by officers of the British Transport Police after causing a disturbance on the 11.05 Paddington to Plymouth train (a bit early in the morning to be drinking, isn't it?). Apparently, he was found smoking out of the train window, and when asked to stop, refused, after which there followed what the BBC describes as a "confrontation" between Kennedy and the train staff. The police were called, and, Kennedy was met by them on arrival at his destination, although he was not arrested.

What's particularly ironic in all this is that Kennedy has been an enthusiastic supporter of the recent ban on smoking in public places. It's interesting, I think, to observe the hypocrisy of the man, who evidently feels entitled to reserve for himself the pleasures and privileges he would deny others. Not, of course, that he's the first politician to fail to practise what he preaches...

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