Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Deer Reeders

I wud just lik to plas on rekord my disagrement wiv the proposal ov the Simplified Spelling Society to chang the way we spel. Its unesesary and wud render the grat wurks of bigon orthers even mor diffikult for modurn reeders to undustand. Bsids wich, I beleve that, so far as spelings do evolv, they evolv naturale and from the botom up, raaver than by decre from the top doun.

Translation: I would just like to place on record my disagreement with the proposal of the Simplified Spelling Society to change the way we spell. It's unnecessary and would render the great works of bygone authors even more difficult for modern readers to understand. Besides which, I believe that, so far as spellings do evolve, they evolve naturally and from the bottom up, rather than by decree from the top down.

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Anonymous said...

A scheme was introduced here in West Yorks in the 70s to start schoolchildren off with phonetic spelling, then when they had grasped that, move them on to normal spelling.

Fortunately my sons' school didn't use this method and it was dropped after a few years.....on the finding that children had to learn twice over in order to read a wider range of books.