Monday, 2 July 2007

Poor Oppressed Victims

Via Jihad Watch, I come across the following tale of woe. Readers of a sensitive disposition may wish to skip this post, lest the harrowing descriptions of torment contained within cause them to suffer nightmares:
Name-calling, anxiety, fear and anger rippled through Britain on Sunday after three failed bomb attacks in London and Glasgow. Government and religious leaders appealed for calm, but some Muslims braced for a backlash — while some non-Muslims looked for someone to blame.

The attacks sparked scattered incidents of racist abuse on the streets of London, with young white men targeting Muslim taxi drivers and others of South Asian appearance. Glasgow lawmaker Mohammad Sarwar said some Muslims in Scotland had been threatened or targeted with abusive graffiti.
"Scattered incidents of racist abuse", "abusive graffiti": even if these claims are true (and so far it seems that we only have the worthless word of Muslims to go on) then that hardly compares to what would have happened had the coreligionists of these poor oppressed victims succeeded in their various attempts at terrorism. Wouldn't it be nice if, just for once, the Muslims though about that, before whining at the tops of their voices about their victimhood?
"I have spoken to a number of people from the Muslim community and the Asian community who feel very angry," [Sarwar] told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

He said Scottish Muslim leaders were meeting in Glasgow to discuss the attacks' impact on their community.

"They're concerned about a backlash and that's why the emergency meeting has been called."

Muslim anger was directed at the terrorists — but also at a society some felt singles Muslims out for scrutiny whenever there is a terrorist attack.
How odd. Muslims try to kill people, and society singles out Muslims. When really, as the Muslim Council of Britain says, it's those pesky Buddhists we should be looking out for.
"We are seething with anger about this," said Osama Saeed, Scottish spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain.
Hmm, Muslims seething with anger. Now, where have I heard that before?
"As a community not only are we just as likely to be victims as anyone else, but we are also looked to in order to provide direction and in some respects take responsibility for this," he added.

"We are sick of being defined as a community by terrorism and having to answer for it."
The Muslim Association of Britain, of which Saeed is a leading member, is led by Azzam Tamimi, a man who has expressed a desire to become a suicide bomber himself. Perhaps if the Muslim community want to avoid being associated with terrorism they could refrain from designating such people as their leaders and representatives. Perhaps they might also consider giving some thought to the question of why it is almost always Muslims who carry out, or attempt to carry out, these kinds of atrocities. If, rather than whining and blaming everyone else for their problems, they were actually prepared to take responsibility for the fact that it is their community which is the problem here, and to take steps to correct that problem, then they might not get, or deserve, so much of the blame. But I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Muslims to acknowledge any of this. Playing the oppressed victim group is so very much more their style.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, one of the Glasgow suspects is called Mohammed....yet more proof that, whilst being the second most popular name in the country, it is also the most popular name among scroats.

najistani said...

May I explain to our American and Australian friends what is happening in Britain.

We are now sliding from a state of intermittent acts of terrorism into one of continuous low-level civil war.

As happened in Northern Ireland, religious communities are polarising and moderates are being silenced.

In the face of this increasing division between Muslim and Kaffir, the ruling NuLabor/SNP elite is attempting to maintain its facade of multicultural bliss by ever more drastic censorship and repressive legislation.

The Glasgow attack is a particular wake up call for the Scots. In the past Scotland has been immune from terrorist attacks because IRA terrorists regarded the Scots as fellow Celts, subjugated by the same Sassanach jackboot.

As Scotland has regained its independence, the Marxist Scottish Nationalist Party has been keen to encourage immigration by non-English ethnic groups (Marxist definition of a Scotsman - Not an Englishman) in the same way that Quebecois have encouraged the immigration of francophone Muslims from Algeria (Marxist definition of a Quebecois - not a Canadian).

Both nations are now reaping the whirlwind, with Glasgow having a particularly severe infestation of vicious and aggressive Muslims who torture and mutilate Kaffir children (Google for 'Kris Donald castrated').

To the Muslim there is no distinction between England and Scotland - they are both Dar al-Harb.

NuLabor came to power ten years ago filled with Marxist idealism. They re-labelled stuffy old Britain as 'Kool Britannia' and opened the gates to all who wanted to enter this multi-culti socialist paradise.

In an absolutely breathtaking combination of ignorance and arrogance they allowed three million Muslims to enter the country in the belief that they would buy into Kool Britania and become loyal socialist voters. Of course many of these Muslims came from jihad zones such as Kashmir, where the divisions between Muslim and Kaffir, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, are basic realities.

Consequently, Muslims have not become the model socialist citizens that the Marxists expected, and NuLabor has absolutely no idea how to deal with them.

The BNP do understand the Muslim Problem but are unlikely to come to power sufficiently quickly to take the necessary actions to prevent the bloodbath predicted by Enoch Powell when the Muslim infestation first began.

History is littered with great civilisations destroyed by Islam. British and European civilisations are beyond saving. Americans and Australians need to pay close attention to what is happening in Britain because without drastic action the same slow decline into civil war and Balkanisation will happen in your countries.

mexicano said...

This is particularly ironic as only last week Mohammed Sarwar announced his resignation following death threats he received from his co-religionists regarding his role in the conviction of the Kris Donald murderers.

This is the entry from the Sky News website -

'Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar has revealed that he is stepping down after getting death threats linked to a gang he helped convict for a racist murder.

The 54-year-old, who was Britain's first Muslim MP, has told party activists he will not be contesting his Glasgow Central seat at the next election.

Labour MP Mohammed Sarwar
And he has revealed that his decision came after his family was threatened by a gang linked to racist murderers Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq.

The three were jailed for life last year for their part in the killing of Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in Glasgow in 2004.'

Anonymous said...

I am no muslim, but for donkeys years, I have been subjected to graffiti, bearing the "old familiar suggestion", inviting me to f-off.

Why am I not a "poor oppressed victim" then?

Anonymous said...

The next time I see offensive banners at a demonstration held by the "religion of peace" brigade I shall innundate the police & MPs with phone calls, emails & letters. I shall demand visits to my house on the grounds that I feel threatened and intimidated!

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