Tuesday, 17 July 2007

"It's exhausting being fabulous"

The best argument against knighting David Beckham:

His odious wife.

Bearing in mind the titular quote, spoken by Mrs Beckham on an American TV show, can you imagine the size to which her utterly empty head would swell, were she to become 'Lady Beckham'?

On the plus side, there is always the possibility it might explode...


British National Party member said...

Hello there!

Here's a couple of stories for you. First, from BNP regional news;

"Fulham & Hammersmith Council investigate dawn-chorus complaint!"

A 65-year old Fulham woman recently received a letter from the environmental health department of her local council. It stated: “I regret to inform you this Service has received a complaint alleging nuisance caused by birds singing arising from your premises during the early hours of the morning. It is also alleged that other birds are being kept on your premises. This complaint is currently only an allegation and has yet to be substantiated. The purpose of this letter is to do you the courtesy of informing you of the allegation.“. . . . .


And secondly, in America an ordained person was arrested for reading the bible in church!



Daphne said...

I'm already tired of that woman and she's only been here two minutes. I hope she likes Mexicans, because if she gets a fan base that's who it'll be - soccer is a mexican sport here - very few Americans follow it, watch it or know who the players are.

Daphne said...

I'll add a good story to balance BNP members highly disturbing ones.

There are still a few good men left in politics who speak the truth - see here;


Fulham Reactionary said...

BNP Member:

Saw the one about the minister being arrested on your blog. As for the other: well, I can assure Hammersmith and Fulham Council that there will be no birdsong coming from my property. Although, there may be the sound of steam coming out of my ears when I read ridiculous pieces of news like that.


I'm sure the dreadful woman won't mind who he fanbase is, so long as they scream mindlessly when they see her, and worship the ground she walks on. If Mexicans will do that, she'll be just as happy as if they were Americans, Canadians, Martians...