Sunday, 15 July 2007

More pressure for migrant amnesty

I see that, following on from the Mass for Migrants celebrated by the Archbishop of Westminster in May, and the rally of liberal idiots that accompanied it, another leftist organisation has come out and called for criminals to be rewarded for their crime.

The criminals in question are, of course, illegal immigrants. Today the left-wing think-tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has come out and demanded that an amnesty be granted to half a million illegal immigrants, allowing them to remain in this country permanently. Danny Sriskandarajah of the IPPR justified this call on the basis that illegal immigrants supposedly benefit the economy by, to coin a phrase, "doing the jobs the British won't do". He added, that in any event we won't catch all these people, so we might as well stop trying.

As for the first argument, I would point out that there are a million unemployed British people in this country, who would, or at least, could, do the work these illegal immigrants are doing. But, in any event, as I have repeated time and time again, the principal danger posed by immigration is not economic, it is cultural. When you bring people from all over the world to a country, then you will ultimately create a fractured society. How could you do otherwise, when every conceivable race, religion, and culture under the Sun are existing within a few feet of each other, and competing directly with one another? We hear a lot these days about the importance of "community cohesion", but what people like Sriskandarajah don't seem able or willing to understand is that this only becomes an issue in a heterogeneous society. Immigration is, and has been, the single biggest destroyer of homogeneity (and, therefore of "community cohesion") in British society, and the more you have of it, the greater the damage will be.

Sriskandarajah's second argument is one we hear a lot, and it is as ridiculous as it was when it was first made. The fact that it is difficult to hunt down all illegal immigrants should not mean that we should give up. Should we give up attempting to stop murder, or rape, or terrorism, because it's difficult? Equally, I think that the difficulty of catching illegal immigrants is overstated. If our government actually wanted to, I believe that it could.
I would also point out, as I have done before, one simple thing: these people are criminals. They have entered this country illegally, and in doing so they have shown an utter contempt for Britain, its laws, and its people. What Sriskandarajah is proposing, is that simply because these criminals have, besides breaking the law, succeeded in evading punishment for a sufficiently long time, they should now be rewarded. Which sounds to me rather like saying that if you kill someone and then evade the police for ten years, you should get a knighthood, and all charges dropped.

The shadow home secretary, David Davis, also points out that, if you grant an amnesty for illegal immigrants who evade capture long enough, then you will simply encourage more people to commit this crime. At a time when this country is literally swamped with immigrants, the last thing we want is to encourage more of the worst kind of immigrant to come here.

The move towards an amnesty worries me. Since the Mass for Migrants last month, both Harriet Harman (now, of course, Labour deputy leader) and Alan Johnson, have come out in support of such a move. There is thus support for such an action at the highest level of government. The amnesty must now be an increasingly real possibility.
But any government and any politician who passed such an amnesty into law would not merely be going against the wishes of the vast majority of the British people, but they would actually be committing moral treason. Because mass immigration will, if it is not stopped very soon, result in the destruction of Britain. And what can a politician be, who actively promotes the destruction of the country they are supposed to serve, but a traitor?

Not, of course, that either public opinion or their duty to Britain matters very much to many of the scum in parliament.


mexicano said...

I agree entirely with your arguments but would make the following two points -

1. Judging by his surname, Danny what's-his-face appears to be of Ceylonese ancestry. He also has a strong Australian accent - so quite who he thinks he is telling us what to do in out own country is beyond me.

2. By the government's own figures the actual number of UK unemployed is closer to 8 million (including those on incapacity benefit, 'students', etc, etc). Add to this the 5 million or so who work for the government and contribute nothing to the economy and you can see the true scale of what is happening to this country.

Anonymous said...

I just want to express my appreciation for your writing, FR.

Your blog is a beacon of truth in a sea of obfuscation and bullshit. We all know what's going on this country but we are chronically short of ways of affirming that knowledge in the public space.

Keep up the good work and, as I've cautioned before, guard your anonymity very carefully. I have to believe that things will come good one day but, until that time, the forces of self-hatred and destruction will always seek to silence those who shatter the illusion.

Also Anonymous said...

"guard your anonymity very carefully. "

Yeah totally. In public there is only one attitude that can be taken towards immigration - unqualified approval. Anything else will get you:

1. Sacked on the spot

2. Black listed

3. Harrassed in the street by strangers

There are only 2 opinions most politicians and commentators will express regarding population replacement:

1. Denial and Evasion, followed by hedging of bets

2. Total and unqualified approval, even schadenfreude

Moomintroll said...

Congratulation on having the guts to tell the truth, as understood by the majority of the people. The tragedy is that great sections of the media are determined not to allow debate on this subject, instead taking the attitude that uncontrolled immigration is good, any other view is heresy, which is not the same thing as wrong, wrong ideas may still be aired, heretical ideas may not.

Miles said...

Very well put, FR. I think perhaps the main reason Labour are thinking of an amnesty is because if these illegals subsequently gain citizenship, they will vote Labour. Also it fits in nicely with their social engineering plans.

I agree that it is false when politicians and activists state that the immigrants will 'do the jobs the British won't do.' We didn't have a shortage of cleaners, builders, plumbers etc before the NewLab procured invasion of recent years. If the lazy sods who rely on the welfare state got of their behinds, this labour gap would be filled. So it's a vicious circle. The government keeps the indiginous population subdued and at home on welfare, while the jobs they should be doing are filled by immigrants. The only solution is to seal our borders and shrink the welfare state, but that's completely contrary to the neo-marrxist mindset of the current liberal elite.

Daphne said...

Well FR, at first I thought you were writing about my country! We have heard the EXACT same arguments about our illegal problems. Apparently the open borders one world Left is working in concert across the ocean. The only difference is numbers - our illegals are estimated to be at appx. 20 million.

If our respective governments decided to close the borders and deport illegals they could. They don't want to. The Elites who rule us have an agenda that cancels out individual nation status. Welcome to the new world order of globalism and international business. We taxpayers are just loud fodder to be managed for their benefit.

We, the American people, were able to successfully kill the Amnesty Bill recently. You may be able to do the same if you can rally your fellow citizens to a murderous fever pitch. They must scream loud and long at every elected and non-elected official they can get on the phone. They must send emails, and faxes and letters. They must show up at officials' offices and gripe at their staff. If you can make enough noise, you can stop it.

F*ck all politicians and their bureaucratic bootwipes. F*ck the Left too!

Daphne said...

A question for you that I forgot to add -

Do you have conservative talk radio in your neck of the woods?

You probably know that we have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, etc. that play all day long across America on AM radio. They keep us informed and rally the people.

If you don't have it, you ought start one. Go to any of their websites and see what they say to us, then copy them!

Fulham Reactionary said...

Thanks for all the positive comments, guys. Always nice to know when you're doing something right!


Yes, I think that Sriskandarajah did come here from Australia, and presumably his parents got there from Sri Lanka. Reminds me somewhat of the Yemeni-born Keith Vaz expressing his pleasure at the transformation wrought on Britain by immigration, during his Newsnight debate with Nick Griffin.


There was an article in the Brussels Journal a while back which touched on the use left-wing Belgian politicians have made of the immigrant vote, and their subsequent efforts to give the vote to as many immigrants as possible (


We seem to have similar situations in Britain and America, although obviously 20 million illegal immigrants is a greater concern than the 500,000 or so that we have, even taking into account the difference in the size of our existing populations.

As for conservative talk radio: no, we don't really have that. We have a few right-wingish radio hosts, like Nick Ferrari, but there is nothing remotely comparable to the massive talk radio networks you have in the States. One reason for this, I think, is the continued dominance of the BBC in all areas of broadcast media. The figures for its market share are frightening (a 56% share in the radio sector in general; 80% in the talk radio market ( Given the corporation's known liberal bias, this is a huge concern.

The other problem we have is that not only do we not have conservative talk radio, but we don't even have a real conservative movement. Our Conservative Party is certainly completely unworthy of the name, for example. This is one of the reasons I am worried about the moves towards a migrant amnesty: it would be hugely unpopular, but there would probably not be any organised opposition to it on the scale that America has seen. And so, as so often before, the liberal-left would get what they wanted, not because it had popular support, but simply because of the disorganisation of the opposition.

I believe that the internet may be the key in all this: big conservative sites like ATW, for example, are definitely a positive development. And the right does seem to be doing better in the blogosphere than the left, for the moment at least, so there may be cause for hope in this newest of new media.

Daphne said...

Have I told you lately I like your site and your cross posts at ATW?

Is it impossible to get a group of like minded people together to start a talk show program, or several?

Can you get licensing for a station?

How, in addition to the blogosphere do you create a movement if you don't have strong disparate local groups with committed liasons working to achieve unity? We have so many conservative outlets here between media, churches, political groups, private clubs, etc. that the people get moving pretty quick on any given issue. We don't always win, but we at least keep things in balance and from tipping into oblivion.

Maybe you and your crew of conservative blogging cohorts should have a meeting and get seriously political. People will follow if you can show them you can win and that they can make a difference by getting involved.

Seeing GB go down the drain is depressing to me for some reason. I would like to see YOU win.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only one worried about thoughtcrime. Nice to be wrong sometimes.

FR, all the good things they said and then more. A clear and incisive wit is exactly what we need on our side, so the more you write, the better off we all are. Just so long as you don't let slip anything that might ID you.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. If Labour wins the next election (God forbid) the day after they'll announce an amnesty. For them another million votes and a perpetual Labour government. Time to become an immigrant myself.....