Saturday, 21 July 2007

A wicked racist

Matthew Carter, a binman in Burnley, has been issued with a verbal warning from his employers at the Lib Dem controlled Pendle Council. His crime: he wore a Cross of St George bandana. And, according to Pendle Council, this particular item of headgear "could be considered offensive and racist".
Well, I suppose it could be considered offensive and racist. And so could pretty much anything else. The question, however, is whether it actually is, and I personally fail to see how any rational person could be offended by the Cross of St George, or could consider it to be in any sense racist.

What makes this particularly stupid is that Mr Carter is a black immigrant. While that does not, of course, preclude him from being a racist, it would seem to preclude him from practising the type of racism with which the liberal-left seeks to associate the Cross of St George: racism against non-whites, and, particularly, immigrants.

This is not the first time that the PC mob has waged war against the Cross of St George: in 2005 prison officers were ordered to desist from wearing tie pins bearing the cross, as a result of fears over its supposed "racist" connotations. We must surely be the only country on Earth in which the authorities regard the national flag of our largest constituent nation as a symbol of hate, necessitating censorship. Well, I find such prohibitions of England's flag sickening, and that is why the Cross of St George is proudly displayed at the top of this post.


Anonymous said...

So will he be allowed to wear his George Cross bandanna when the World Cup kicks off? Maybe we all should fly the skull & crossbones and call it the "Alternative George Cross".....wonder how long it would be before that was banned!

Anonymous said...

Why you-know-who find St George so offensive