Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pork to "rain down" on poor oppressed victims

Muslims living in Coton Park, near Rugby, are kicking up a fuss (not like them, is it?) about a planned pet food factory being built near their homes. Apparently, they're unhappy that the food produced in the factory will include pork-based products, and that, in consequence, pork will "rain down" upon them. Now, for me, that conjures up images of sausages, bacon, and pork chops flying through the air, as hundreds of terrified Muslims run for cover. But apparently, the real concern is that the factory's chimney will pump tiny pork particles into the atmosphere, and that Muslims will inhale the said particles, causing them to become "unclean".

Now, it sounds to me as though they're taking the prohibition on consuming pork just a little too far. After all, they also have a prohibition on alcohol. I wonder if they know that all human bodies produce a small amount of alcohol naturally. Perhaps we should tell them: it might have amusing results.

Personally, though, I suspect that this fuss is simply yet another Muslim effort to intimidate the infidels. They don't really care about microscopic pork particles, but they do rather like the feeling of power that comes when they say, in effect, "we're Muslims, and you'd better do as we command, or else". I hope that, for once, the local authority and the pet food company turn round to them and say, that if they're really that scared of the pork particles, then they can move. A new factory will, presumably, bring jobs to those local residents who do not follow the cult of Mohammed, and that should count for rather more than the whining and utterly irrational demands of those who do. In any event, I see no reason why anyone should go out of their way to assist the practitioners of the religion which, of all religions and ideologies, poses the greatest threat to the survival of this country.


AgainsTTheWall said...

"...., poses the greatest threat to the survival of this country." That would be after Liberalism?

You are quite right though FR. This episode is just a part of the cultural-political war the Mozzies are waging until such time as they feel safe to take the gloves off.

Fred said...

"I suspect that this fuss is simply yet another Muslim effort to intimidate the infidels."

Of course it is. As Chamberlain found out, once you appease a bully, the bully keeps on coming back for more. The longer we leave it, the more vicious will be the battle.