Friday, 8 June 2007

Birmingham: Forced Conversion to Islam

A TEENAGE Sikh girl was today being guarded by police amid claims she had been forced to convert to Islam.

An armed gang smashed their way into a house in Erdington last month and threatened the occupants, apparently in search of the girl.

She was reported missing from her family home in West Bromwich a few days earlier.

They are concerned that the girl, understood to be a student at Sutton Coldfield college, could have been forced to switch religion, it was reported.

This would not be the only instance of criminal thugs forcibly converting other young people to Islam. I am reminded in particular of the activities of the "Muslim Boys" gang in South London, whose favoured party tricks include conversion at gunpoint (although, of course, their activities are as nothing when set against the villainy of those wicked Catholic gangs).

Of course, if the girl has been converted, then, in the eyes of Islam, and of the thugs who did this, she is now to be considered a Muslim, whether the conversion was consensual or not. As such, she will presumably risk the usual punishment for apostacy, should she continue to live as a Sikh.

Hat-tip: Dhimmi Watch


Anonymous said...

Now I think I'm just going to start counting the days to you joining the Catholic Church just so that you can be in a Catho gang, FR. :-)

amrit said...


This is not the first time the racists have used Sikh matters to demonise Muslims. It follows their infamous ‘Islam: A Threat To Us All’ tape that they released in 2001 claiming support among Sikhs and Hindus. In 2004 they used an elderly Sikh in their election broadcast who claimed he supported the group.