Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Rise of the Mohammedans

The Times reports that Mohammed is now the second most popular boys' name in the UK. If all the different spelling variations for the name are included, then in 2006 5,991 little Mohammeds were born in the UK. This edged out the 5,921 Thomases, and, if current trends remain the same, Mohammed should have overtaken Jack as Britain's most popular boys' name by the end of this year.

Muslim parents apparently name their sons Mohammed in the hope that he will emulate the "prophet". So we should all be on the look out for a sharp rise in the levels of violence, rape, and paedophilia, then. Incidentally, the most popular Muslim girls' name is Aisha, which was, of course, the name of the nine year old victim of Mohammed's paedophilic tendencies.

While the popularity of this particular name does not signify an imminent takeover by Muslims (all of the other top 20 boys' names are recognisably "white" names), it is still an important omen of the replacement of the native population of these lands. The rapid rise in the popularity of the name Mohammed (which only entered the list of the 30 most popular names in 2000) is representative of the extremely high Muslim birth rate (three times the national average). And neither should we ignore the symbolic importance of the fact that, within a few years at the most, the most popular boys' name in Britain will be the name of the founder of that group, which, of all groups, poses the greatest threat to this nation, its culture, and its heritage.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus 508
Jehovah 1
God 2

According to "".

Fulham Reactionary said...

Indeed. And on the other hand, ten people named Goliath, five called Judas, four Jezebels, and one solitary Satan.

Interesting website, that one.

Anonymous said...

God help us Mohammadons everywhere, like little greenfly sticking and breeding everywhere they land, time for industrial pesticide called the BNP to get rid of this infestation. We should reintroduce wild Boar to roam our streets that would scare the Mozzie Buggers.

Aberdeen WED

Anonymous said...

What about the Mohammed drug dealers, murders etc. swanning they not sully the name of Mohammed as do the cartoon producers?

Anonymous said...

"we should all be on the look out for a sharp rise in the levels of violence, rape, and paedophilia"

Should we? You mean there isn't a law against that under the islamophobia meme yet?