Saturday, 2 June 2007

Scout Association turns Dhimmi

The Scout Association has demolished an outdoor chapel at one of its centres in Essex. The chapel, which had stood for nearly seventy years, was replaced with a campfire.

The reason given for this is that the sight of the cross might cause offence to non-Christian scouts. I wonder if there was any one religious group who the Scout Association might have been particularly worried about offending? Answers on a postcard, please.

I would also point out that the Scout Promise, which all new scouts swear, includes the line "to do my duty to God and to the Queen". If a boy has sworn to do his duty to God, is he really going to be traumatised by the sight of a cross? Or will new scouts in future have the option of swearing to Allah, or Vishnu, or Richard Dawkins, if they so wish?

In any case, the transcendent idiocy of suggesting that a group that has amassed millions of members in countries across the globe is somehow bigoted or exclusivist shines forth from this decision, as it has from so many other such decisions made by petty PC jobsworths over recent years. Does there yet remain even one societal institution which has not been infected with anti-British, anti-Christian, PC hysteria? Because I'm struggling to think of one!


DumbJon said...

Oh no! Run for your lives! It's someone with religious beliefs. How can we be expected to enjoy 'Raiders of the Lost A$$' knowing somewhere out there are people with actual beliefs ?

Aurora said...

Even better, beliefs that females don't have a soul, that adultery deserves beheading and that dying as a suicide bomber guarantees you 72 virgins in Paradise. Now those are the sort of religious beliefs we should adopt for ourselves, starting with the Boy Scouts.

MrSmith said...

I wonder what Baden-Powell would have made of this.