Saturday, 23 June 2007

The latest Islamic conspiracy theory

According to the Iranian newspaper Jomhuri-ye Eslami (The Islamic Republic), Salman Rushdie wrote The Satanic Verses at the request of the Queen, who paid him £500,000 for doing so.

Rather amusingly, the Persian nutters also claim that the knighting of Rushdie
...can be seen as a cover-up to distract the public’s attention from the sexual scandals of royal princes and princesses who are infamous and detested even among the English population, a population who cannot wait for the end of this hated monarch regime which stinks of the Middle Ages.
There's something of the pot casting aspersions on the paleness of the kettle in this, it appears to me. After all, if a popularly-supported and constitutional monarchy "stinks of the Middle Ages" what is the smell of an undemocratic Sharia theocracy?


Anonymous said...

"What is the smell of an undemocratic theocracy?"

Take a trip to Dewsbury and sniff the air.

bernard said...

You have to admit FR, our 'Royals' have rather gifted the Persian press with all the material needed for continuing ridicule: 'Losing' 15 of 'Her Majesty's' naval ratings to a bunch of fishermen, (which must still be great 'copy' in Iran), and the hand-wringing over whether to post Prince Harry on active service to a war zone.
Every sign of weakness, real or imagined, will now be seized upon by every tin-pot regime, to poke fun at our fumbling institutions.

Fulham Reactionary said...


"Take a trip to Dewsbury"

Hmm. Tempting as the offer is, I think I'll pass.


I hardly think that the Royal Family can be held accountable for the first incident you mention. After all, it wasn't the Queen who started crying because her iPod was taken away.
As for the Prince Harry saga, again, I don't think it was the Royal Family who were doing the hand-wringing.

bernard said...


Not in Iran's eyes.

Anything with 'HM' before it is the same to them!