Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Enemy Within

A British Army officer has been abused by Asian women while on a hospital visit to troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell was surrounded and heckled by three young women in the unprovoked verbal attack at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.

The women, in traditional Asian dress, ranted about the presence of British troops in Muslim countries.


A colleague said: "He is normally a very placid character, a gentle giant. But he was fuming, understandably, after what happened.

"He couldn’t believe it. CSM Powell just had to stand and take abuse from these screaming and very aggressive women. I don’t think a guy would have got away with it."

Personally, I think he should just have thumped them anyway. But then no doubt we'd be hearing all sorts of whining about "Islamophobia".

What this does demonstrate, once again, is that Muslims are not loyal to Britain, whatever protestations their leaders, and their leftist abettors, may make. People who are loyal to a country do not scream abuse at those who put their lives at risk to defend that country. Be under no illusions that these women were an anomaly: they simply did what most Muslims want to do.

Hat-tip: Jihad Watch

Postscript: Note, also, how the Daily Mail refers to these women as being "Asian". While this is no doubt accurate, nonetheless they did not do this because they are Asian but because they are Muslim. Accordingly, it would make more sense to describe them as such. But, of course, to call a spade a spade in this manner would be "Islamophobic".


Anonymous said...

OT - I hope that you'll find space to do a post about immigrants murdering our police officers.

The man who has just been charged with murdering the PC in Luton.

The men convicted of murdering the policewoman in Bradford.

The man convicted of murdering the policeman on the towpath in Birmingham.

On and on it goes...if you look at police officers killed on duty (Blakelock etc) the percentage murdered by immigrants is staggering - yet this rather obvious fact is never pointed out by the media.

Anonymous said...

Yet just watch the media go into frenzy about the death of a police officer and go almost completely mute about the woman shot dead by police in Sevenoaks.

Anonymous said...

mrssmith....the police officer was responding to a call where a member of the public was being threatened by a knife wielding individual...the police officer was doing his job, that being protecting the public and he was killed for exercising his duty.

The shot woman was reported as wielding a gun..perhaps she didn't deserve to die..but as in the first case the police saw the protection of the public their first priority.

Anonymous said...

Lynne Jones, Labour MP for Selly Oak said, quote,..."The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom."

Ring any bells? Muslims have got exactly that already and she would begrudge a safe hospital environment for our soldiers!

Fulham Reactionary said...

I imagine that Lynne Jones has plenty more Muslims in her constituency than she does servicemen and their families, and that she knows very well on which side her bread is buttered.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Just to clarify the issue with the shot woman. The coppers in the Armed Response Units are trained to the highest possible degree, however with standard issue weapons they are still not accurate enough to shoot a weapon out of a suspects hands as we often see in Hollywood movies, they also do not go for head shots either.

No in the grim realty of their job, in cases like these and due to the inherent inaccuracy of their weapons they are trained to shoot at the largest part, that being the torso. Unfortunately there are some vital organs contained in the torso, some more vital than others. In this case the shoot to stop policy proved to be fatal but that's the lottery of life any armed suspect will have to chance if they want to take on the ARU's and they continue to have my support and I hope yours too

bernard said...


"...yet this rather obvious fact is never pointed out by the media".

Perhaps that's why it's not pointed out. It's obvious!

Anonymous said...


If I trusted that the police acted in our best interests, then yes they would have my support. As it is, though, I have my doubts about a police service that shoots dead a man carrying a table leg and then finds nobody responsible or liable. As to the woman shot, initial reports held that she was in posession of an imitation gun. A toy. However, this seems to have vanished from reports and such now, making me very suspicious indeed of the whole thing.

Regarding the stabbed police officer, he did the job the police are supposed to do and paid the highest price. Good for him, he should be remembered well.