Friday, 22 June 2007

Quote of the Day

"Islam does not allow suicide attacks but it would be justified in the case of a blasphemer, who is worthy of death."

Chaudhry Mohammed Afzal Sahi, Speaker of the Punjab Provincial Assembly, on Sir Salman Rushdie.

Remember, it's the Religion of Peace.

Update: A picture of my "Angry Muslims of the Day", busily burning a Cross of St George outside Regents Park Mosque, can be found at ATW.

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Anonymous said...

What misunderstandings does the religious affairs minister hope to clear up? Salman Rushdie has got the award...finito.

Sky news in Bradistan today asking young, female muslims if they'd heard of S. Rushdie & Satanic Verses....bewilderment...never heard of hat..they're up to something it's too quiet over here.