Friday, 15 June 2007

Muslims rise against British oppression - British oppressors don't notice

Via a comment at the Pub Philosopher's blog, I find a rare report on the much vaunted "Muslims rise against British Oppression" demonstration, at the New English Review. It seems that the protest was not quite the Earth-shattering show of Islamic strength that certain elements had hoped. Apparently a couple of hundred Muslims, and about fifty National Front members, shouted slogans at one another for a couple of hours, and then went home. Pickled Politics also has a report, as does Battle for Britain.

So, it seems the glorious Islamic revolution is not with us just yet. Nonetheless, we must not become complacent - the Islamic threat is still as real as ever, and it does not come from lone nutters like Anjem Choudhary, but from demographic change, and the slow transformation of our society into a Sharia state.

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