Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Britain's very own death cult

At the Spectator Blog, Fraser Nelson reports that 26.1% of pregnancies in England end in abortion. I should say that, from the figures (pdf) to which he refers, it appears to me that the actual figure is 22.6%, but, in any event, the total is shockingly high. Abortion has a particular popularity in London, with nearly 34% of pregnancies in Inner London ending in this manner.

Besides being horrific and vile in itself, the sheer number of abortions taking place in this country must go some way towards explaining the demographic crisis this country, and particularly its native population, faces. I sincerely doubt that many of those women who had abortions were Muslims. Rather, it seems that the British are literally sacrificing their own children in their rush to despoil themselves of their birthright.


MrSmith said...

I wonder if the term 'self-imposed ethnic cleansing' would be useful here. In a few generations, native Brits and English especially will be all but gone.

Something has to be done. But what?

bernard said...

I think this report comes to a wrong conclusion:
Afro-Caribbean abortions are very high in the UK, esp in hot spots like London.
No, abortions have a marginal effect on population as it occurs in certain socio/economic groups only.
People in marriages/partnerships are just NOT having children anymore. Period.
Italy has an even lower birthrate, and abortions are way below ours.

Fulham Reactionary said...


Thanks for that info. It did occur to me after writing this that the number of abortions might well be frighteningly high among blacks. Nonetheless, I would think that even if abortion has little impact on the ethnic make-up of the population, it must surely still have a significant impact on the total birth-rate. After all, if only 10% of conceptions ended in abortion, we'd have something in the region of an extra 100,000 births per year, which would be quite a significant increase. And if we had no, or virtually no, abortions, we'd have close to 200,000 extra births per year.

bernard said...

I get your point FR, but it is the demographics (which are seldom referred to) that distort the figures.

Apropo of nothing: This is why Israel and the Territories they are so keen to hang on to, is such a contentious issue: their birthrate is 4 times lower than that of the Arabs.

Like everything of this nature, in the end, it's the 'Numbers Game' that counts and the European stock look resigned to lose this fight.