Saturday, 9 June 2007

Racist White Devils

The execrable Big Brother again hit the headlines this week, as a white retard called a black retard "nigger", and was promptly expelled from the Big Brother House, to the satisfaction of the Commission for Vilifying White People (or "Commission for Racial Equality", as it is officially known), Keith Vaz, and other pillars of society. No doubt the sheer excitement is driving Hannah Clarkson insane with pleasure.

The not overly bright Emily Parr is not, perhaps, having such a fun time, however. In this post-modern age, when upsetting a non-white is the cardinal sin, the gutter press has been enjoying the opportunity to enter into a bit of character assassination, with The Sun revealing that as a child she behaved in a mildly disrespectful manner on a school trip to Auschwitz. So she must be a Nazi, and we can only thank God and Trevor Phillips that she was evicted before she remembered to launch a campaign of mass genocide!

But, of course, as with so many other supposedly racist incidents, this has been over-hyped to its death, and then brought back to life and hyped to death again by the MSM and the race relations industry. A rare note of common sense has been sounded by Allison Pearson, who, writing in the Daily Mail, pointed out that Miss Parr and her supposed victim had been getting on fine until the incident occurred, and that Miss Parr's only crime was to think that she could get away with using a word that blacks use on an everyday basis. Indeed, Ms Pearson goes so far as to suggest that Miss Parr is the real victim of racism in this case, since she has been punished for using a word which, had she been black, would have passed without comment.

This may well be the case. Certainly there are double standards at play here, and not just in respect of the word 'nigger'. No, even if one accepts that white people should not, in any circumstances, address blacks by that title, there is still massive anti-white discrimination going on here. I refer to the fact that while whites can never use abusive terms like 'nigger' towards blacks, blacks can, and do, use comparable terms when addressing or referring to whites. For example, during Celebrity Big Brother, Jermaine Jackson referred to Jade Goody and her family as "white trash". A racist term if ever I heard one, and yet there was no outcry about that, and he was not evicted from the house.
This is not a one-off. How long would a white musician's career last if he made a habit of calling black people "black devils", or called for them to be killed, or openly espoused racist ideologies regarding blacks? About thirty seconds, at the most. And yet black rappers such as Public Enemy and Ice Cube have for years been busily complaining about "white devils", calling for the killing of whites, and espousing the very racist (albeit hilarious) Nation of Islam ideology that whites were somehow "grafted" from blacks by an evil scientist, without any repercussions. Indeed, so far from being criticised for their racist views, they have been feted by the supposed anti-racists of the liberal-left, and I'd bet good money that if, through some miracle, Ice Cube or Public Enemy were dropped by the record labels for their racist lyrics, then the "anti-racists" would be crying "racism" until their voices were hoarse.

Here then, was Emily Parr's mistake: she expected to be given treatment equal to that which blacks commonly receive. Indeed, not even that, since her words were clearly not motivated by hatred, so much as by stupidity, and, which is much the same thing, by a desire to embrace black culture. What she did not realise, however, is that there are two groups in society: designated victim groups, and designated oppressor groups. Blacks, being in the former category, can do no wrong, and whites, being in the latter category, had better keep their mouths shut, lest they have an uncomfortably close view of the next witch burning.

Update: I have posted a rather more concise variation on this post over at ATW.


Aurora said...

What a huge kerfuffle! I wonder what would happen if it were the other way round? Will have to go and check out your other version at ATW.

jamal said...

She used a racist word and that makes her a racist.

Whether she's the biggest racist in the world, or just a wigger ghetto wannabee, she should have known better then saying that on national tv.

Fulham Reactionary said...


"She used a racist word and that makes her a racist."

Well, not really. It depends what she meant by it - if she was, as it appears, just some stupid aspirant black, then I doubt she can really be considered racist.

In any event, you commonly use the racist term "white trash": does that make you a racist? Since you use it maliciously, yes it probably does.

Izzie said...

It's disgusting how a silly young girl now has to wear the cross of racism round her neck for the rest of her life. All because she seems to appreciate 'black culture" and wants to use their vernacular.

She is being hounded and it is a bloody disgrace. If the word is considered offensive, then the black girl should have been booted out too.

Who the hell dictated which words can and cannot be used by an entire race of people?

MrSmith said...

So we must ask ourselves, was Enoch Powell right after all?

Simon said...

Hardly, she made a mistake and has suffered the consequences. I mean she's only been chucked off a television programme for crying out loud, get a sense of proportion!

Yeah what she said might not be significant, but as a punishment being chucked out of the house is not exactly up there with being banged up and tortured by the secret police is it?

MrSmith said...

She doesn't need to be, she'll be rejected by most 'decent' society for a good long time after this. Why bother with room 101 when social stigma is so much more effective?

crazyracists said...

FUCK WHITES. They really ARE devils The truth!