Monday, 11 June 2007

Stating the obvious?

The school curriculum is being "hi-jacked" by political agendas, claims a think-tank.

Science lessons are becoming debates about global warming and GM crops, rather than objective science, says the Civitas report.

In English, pupils can miss out on classic writers and are steered to more "relevant" modern writers.

The government rejected the report as a "profound misunderstanding" of the school curriculum.

The think-tank report argues that the curriculum has been "corrupted by political interference" - with lessons manipulated to promote causes such as "gender awareness, the environment and anti-racism".

And next week, Civitas will finally reveal the answer to the question that has troubled scholars for centuries: is the Pope a Catholic?

Actually, though, that's not an entirely accurate analogy. Because, while no one, or virtually no one, disputes that the Pope is a Catholic, there are plenty of people (notably the government) willing to come forward and dispute the equally obvious fact that, when you are showing Al Gore's propaganda film "An Inconvenient Truth" to all schoolchildren, forcing them to read books such as King & King, and making them write essays explaining why the BNP (a legitimate political party) is wicked and bad, then you might just possibly have something of a leftist bias. And that's without mentioning such things as the state-sponsored charade that is "Black History Month", or discussing the fact that the elected head of Britain's biggest teaching union considers it racist to teach "Britishness".

The Education Minister, Jim Knight, says that Civitas is insulting teachers, by even talking about this problem. But the fact is that while most teachers are good people trying to do a decent job, there are a number of teachers who abuse the position of influence that they are given, in order to try to brainwash their students. It's not an insult to anyone to reveal this, and to fail to do so would be a betrayal of children.


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