Wednesday, 27 June 2007

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Justice is Injustice?

The latest installment in the story of the government's war on prison numbers comes courtesy of the Telegraph:

Thousands more convicts are to spend less time in jail as a result of law and order measures published by the Government yesterday.

A new Criminal Justice Bill will limit prison terms faced by released offenders who breach the condition of their licences.

They will serve a maximum sentence of 28 days, instead of being sent back to jail for the duration of their term.

Putting these former prisoners back in jail has helped to push the prison population to record levels.

Greater use of cautions and ending suspended sentences in magistrates' courts will also reduce prisoner numbers.

The Ministry of Justice revealed that the Bill would free up 1,380 prison places at any one time.

This Orwellian-sounding ministry appears to believe that this is a good thing. However I would remind readers that each of those prison places is currently occupied by a criminal, and, moreover, by a criminal who has shown a sufficient continued disregard for the law on being granted early release from prison, that they have been deemed worthy of reincarceration. So, what the Ministry of Justice is really trumpeting, is that 1,380 extra thugs and other assorted lowlife will be loose on our streets, who are presently locked away where they can do no harm.

War is peace, indeed.

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