Sunday, 10 June 2007

Muslim blogger: "Fear the Zionist tentacles"

Quite a few bloggers have noticed that if you take the ridiculous Olympic logo, and spin its constituent parts around a bit, you get the word 'Zion'. Like so:

I had not imagined that anyone could possibly take this seriously. But I was wrong. For, up to the plate steps Jamal, author of the Radical Muslim blog, issuer of e-fatwas (including to this blog), and notorious troll. Apparently in all seriousness he writes:
The Zionist tentacles are everywhere. Even the new Olympic logo spells Zion!
Is he trying to joke? I doubt it. I don't think that Muslims are allowed a sense of humour, and, as anyone who has ever taken a serious look at his blog knows, this is pretty much par for the course. I wonder how many of his co-religionists also believe that the logo is evidence of a Zionist conspiracy? Is it more or less than the 24.4% who blame the security services for 7/7?

Update: Jamal has left a comment here, and it appears that no, it is definitely not a joke. Indeed, he has started a petition to have the logo removed.


Aurora said...

FR, they've got to be kidding! I can't believe that intelligent people would seriously go along with this...but then again, who said they were intelligent? LOL

jamal said...

Make jest as you will. This type of logo must be removed. Even if the comparison was innocent, the link has been made and to keep it would be to support Zionism.

Sign the petition to change the Olympic Logo

Anonymous said...

The logo is launched...

The BBC HYS is awash with negative comments, hardly anybody likes it...ignored, the logo stays.

Epileptics complain of the animated showing on TV triggers fits....bits taken out but the logo stays.

Muslims complain that the logo reads this space!

Fulham Reactionary said...


I couldn't believe it either, which is why I tentatively suggested it might be an attempt at humour. But now we see, in black and white: it's not a joke, he's actually serious.


"Even if the comparison was innocent, the link has been made and to keep it would be to support Zionism."

That's the best (indeed, the only) reason I've heard for keeping the logo yet.

By the way, I should point out to readers, as an example of Jamal's trollish behaviour, that he has left an exactly identical message to this one at Archbishop Cranmer's blog.


I doubt that a sufficient number of Muslims will complain. After all, whatever delusional conspiracy theories they may subscribe to, the more intelligent ones know that if they broadcast them too loudly, then people will start to see them for who they are.

Nonetheless, you are right that any Muslim objection would count for more than everyone else put together. It almost always does.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting worried...there are two signatures on the petition!

Guardian apostate said...

I've just signed it, there's three signatures now. I'm with Jamal and my fellow British, Muslim, brothers on this one. Resist the evil Zionists!

Izzie said...

Oh Good God!

Why not have it jigged about a little more and it can be a swastika? Sure the muslims would love that.

When will they move into the 21st century and actually do something useful?

Anonymous said...

...When hell freezes over, Izzie?

Fulham Reactionary said...

Jamal's petition has now surged to 14 signatures. No doubt it will soon be overtaking the number of signatures to the petition in support of his beloved mega mosque. After all, there's not far to go, now it's into double figures.

And, you can't deny, that having the support of both Elvis Presley and Tommy Cooper, is quite impressive. No crypt can hold them, when Muslims call them. And I'm sure that Mohammad Goldberg is equalled only by Mr A. Nazi-Thicko in the strength of his opposition to Zionism.