Sunday, 3 June 2007

Israeli MKs call for boycott of Britain

I read in The Times that some Israeli Members of the Knesset have called for a boycott of all UK goods, in retaliation for the University and College Union's latest display of anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist stupidity.

While I sympathise strongly with Israel, and would be happy to see an Israeli counter-boycott of UK universities, I think that calling for a complete boycott of Britain is a bit of an over-reaction, and I would be surprised if it were actually to happen. Nonetheless, we must recognise that any country can only be pushed so far. In recent months we have seen not only academics, but also journalists move towards a boycott of Israel, while there have been similar calls from within the medical profession. An increasing share of the public is not merely indifferent to Israel, but openly hostile, and it is not uncommon for otherwise perfectly normal people to transform into spittle-flecked fanatics demanding blood and annihilation the moment Israel is mentioned. British citizens have carried out terrorist attacks in Israel, and more seem ready to do so. If present trends continue, there will before long come a time when Israel can justifiably see in the UK, not just a weak-willed ally, but actually an enemy.

Which is, of course, exactly what people like the members of the UCU want.

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