Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Muslim Anger Watch

First there was Cartoon Rage.

Then there was Pope Rage.

Now, we have Knighthood Rage, and all because of us.

Seeing all those angry Muzzies makes you feel proud to be British, doesn't it?

It's also interesting to note that Lord Ahmed, a Muslim who has apparently made such a vast contribution to British society that he has been awarded a peerage, is actively siding with Britain's enemies over this. He has even accused Sir Salman of "having blood on his hands".
Further evidence, if any was needed, of where the loyalty of even the most ostensibly integrated Muslims truly lies.


Anonymous said...

The Iranian daily newspaper Jomhuri Eslami calls our Queen the "Old British crone"....

....Shabab-e-Mill, leader of the Shahid Gilani group says they have decided from now on to call every dog "sir".

Is Britain sufficiently offended yet?

Fulham Reactionary said...

Well, I've just seen a crowd of OAPs marching past the window chanting "butcher the one who insults the Queen", and a mob in Cirencester has apparently burnt a mosque to the ground in retaliation for the insult. After all, all cultures are equal, as they keep telling us, and what's good for the goose, etc...