Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Invasion of America

Mexican immigrants tear down the American flag flying outside a California school, and haul up the Mexican flag in its place, in a startling display of their disloyalty to America.

These disgusting images bring to my mind nothing so much as the scenes of Muslims burning the Cross of St George in Regent's Park last Friday. In both cases we have immigrants entering a country in such large numbers that they threaten to overwhelm the existing population, and in both cases these immigrants are, in large part, openly hostile to the host country, and the host population.

And in both cases, the particular immigrants pictured should be shot...

Hat-tip: The Gunslinger


Anonymous said...

Wow, a newspaper from 2015 just fell through a time portal:

Mexican Aztlan Anschluss:

As the last of the American whites were expelled from California, Hilary Clinton demanded an explanation for the 'extreme behaviour' of the Che-Guevara-t-shirted-reconquistas. "Racism" was the immediate reply. Hillary Clinton said that she would 'contemplate' sending in the national guard. Commentators say that Clinton does not have the resolve to start a bloody confrontation with the Mexican military trained communist insurgents.

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