Saturday, 16 June 2007

CBE: Comrade of Britain's Enemies?

One of the most loathsome enemies of this country is Shami Chakrabarti, head of the far-left "civil liberties" pressure group Liberty. This dreadful little woman devotes each and every waking minute that she has to giving aid and succour to terrorists, criminals, and immigrants. If her ideals were allowed to prevail, we would witness nothing less than the destruction of Britain.

So, why on Earth has the government seen fit to award her a CBE? What kind of nation honours its enemies in this manner? Well, I suppose there's precedent for it, in the knighting of Iqbal Sacranie, but it still seems to me that honouring Chakrabarti in this manner is rather akin to giving Lord Haw Haw a real peerage.


Anonymous said...

I applied for an honour for my 86yr old Dad last year...he's been a brass bandsman for 72 years and still stands outside Tesco at Christmas with the begging bowl for band funds. He didn't get one, despite 4 cracking letters of recommendation from leading brass bandsmen.

Shami Chakrabarti has got a gong that should by rights have gone to someone like my Dad....shame on this country!

Anonymous said...

Iran foreign ministry spokesman, Mohammad Ali Hosseini says..."The decision to praise the "apostate" (Salman Rushdie) showed Islamaphobia among British officials".

I wish!

Fulham Reactionary said...

Anonymous @7.11pm:

Perhaps next time you should claim that your father stands outside Tesco to raise funds for immigrants rights groups: he should get an honour in no time.

Anonymous @ 12.40pm:

It is quite pleasant to watch the Muslims getting all upset about Sir Salman's knighthood. Perhaps someone should nominate Robert Spencer (of Jihad Watch) for an honorary knighthood!