Tuesday 13 March 2007

10 million non-whites by 2027

Professor David Coleman has been demonstrating the kind of behaviour which left-wing student groups deem sackable. More specifically, he has been telling the truth about the massive demographic changes being imposed upon our society. Speaking to a Tory policy group, he said that the total number of non-whites in the UK population is set to double in the next twenty years, largely because of the government's abject failure to do anything about immigration. In addition, we will have an extra 3 million non-British white people, again due to mass immigration.
If that's going to be the situation in twenty years, what will it be like in forty or fifty?

David Frost, the head of the British Chambers of Commerce, also spoke out against mass immigration at the Tory event, pointing out that increasing numbers of British workers are losing their jobs to east European immigrants. Interestingly, given that we're often told that immigration benefits businesses, Mr Frost said that seven out of ten employers do not want further increases in immigration.

The government, however, remains unconcerned, insisting that immigration benefits the country. This is the same lie that has been pedalled by successive governments to justify sixty years of, in effect, replacing the native population and culture. Today, when it has become apparent that immigration has destroyed social cohesion in this country, introduced 2 million Muslims (who will, I'm sure, be in the forefront of the increase in the non-white population) who pose a direct physical threat to their infidel neighbours, and undermined the indigenous culture, the claim that it is beneficial is more of a lie than ever.

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