Sunday 25 March 2007

A bit of fun

It's a long, lazy Sunday afternoon. The Iranian kidnap story aside, not a lot is going on, personally or generally (as evidenced by the fact that the News of the World is leading with the story that a 22 year old got drunk and fell over).

However, courtesy of Harry's Place, I do find this website vaguely amusing. Apparently, academic researchers with nothing better to do have discovered that we are most likely to vote for candidates who look like us. This website takes that premise, and allows you to upload your photo, to find out which candidate most resembles you. Unfortunately I, for some reason, have no photos of myself to hand. So I've been putting some of the stars of past stories on this blog into the site instead. Think of it as somewhat akin to those clip-show episodes that US sitcoms make when their staff can't be bothered to do any real work.

Court of Appeal judge, and alleged pervert, Lord Justice Richards, has, apparently, a 70% resemblance to Helja Siitonen of the Centre Party. Rather worryingly for both of them, she's female. Miss Siitonen's fellow Centre Party candidate, Ari Anttila, has more to be worried about, however, since he bears a 78% facial resemblance to Ian Huntley, while Matti Kauppila appears an almost dead ringer for Hitler. No one, however, has the misfortune to look anything like the ludicrously self-loathing leftist I wrote about yesterday. So there are some mercies, even for Ari and Matti.

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