Saturday 31 March 2007

Our wonderful state schools

RAPE probe cops arrested three boys after a girl of 13 said she was forced into sex acts during an unsupervised music class.

The girl claims two boys attacked her while others cheered them on.

One, aged 13, has been charged with oral rape and false imprisonment. A 14-year-old was quizzed on the same alleged offences. The third, also 14, is suspected of encouraging the attack.

The victim was said to have been left “distraught” and alerted teachers at the South London school the following day.

A source said: “The girl says two boys turned on her and forced her to give them oral sex. There was no teacher there, when there should have been. The description of what happened is horrific and deeply shocking”

All three boys were suspended from school and are on bail.

A police source said: “Questions must be asked about safety of children at school. It is bad enough that pupils are stabbed and murdered as they leave school. The circumstances in this case are another low.”

I have no comment on this. It's simply beyond belief.

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