Friday 30 March 2007

Iranian Embassy Protest

Any London-based readers who are within reach of Kensington at 3pm tomorrow might like to head down to the Iranian Embassy, where a protest has been organised, calling for the release of the British sailors seized by Iran. More details are available at EU Referendum.

I'm not really sure whether this will actually do any good. In order to send a real message to the Mullahs you'd need at least a few thousand people to turn up. Because of the short notice at which this has been organised, that won't happen, and a particularly small protest would, perhaps, only serve to emphasise the decadent lack of interest with which much of our population seem to regard Iran's act of war. Nonetheless, at least the organisers of this protest are doing something, which is more than can be said for the government.

1 comment:

ba ba said...

Yeah, i got a comment on my blog about it but figured it couldnt amount to much as you say.

And the chances of the BBC *mentioning* it, acknowledging it? nah, better to donate the train fare to the BNP by far.