Wednesday 14 March 2007

Dutch fightback

Via the Brussels Journal and Klein Verzet, I read that ethnic riots have broken out in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Not, perhaps, that unusual, given what's happened in France in particular in recent years. However, the difference in this case is that the rioters were native Dutchmen.

It seems that residents of the Ondiep neighbourhood have for some time been suffering from the nefarious activities of "youths" (that mysterious group which seems to cause problems all over the place, and has, of course, absolutely no connection with Muslims). Pleas to the police have been of no avail, and for 54 year old native Dutchman Rinie Mulder the last straw came when he saw a pregnant native woman being harassed by a group of Moroccan Muslims armed with knives. Bravely intervening, he managed to wrest a knife from one of the youths, whereupon the others bravely ran away.

Then the police came. Eye witnesses reported seeing Mr Mulder showing the knife to the police, while explaining that he had called for them, and had taken the knife from the thugs. Then a policewoman shot him. Dead.

The policewoman in question was, it is reported, a Moroccan Muslim. This fact has been suppressed by the Dutch MSM, but it could not be hidden from the people of Ondiep, who, pushed to the extreme and beyond, have now been rioting for two days. And who can blame them? Their government is selling them out, and now the police seem not only to be siding with the immigrant thugs, but recruiting them into their ranks and arming them with guns. There is only so much people can, or should, take.

The Brussels Journal is comparing this bout of rioting to the clashes that took place in Windsor last year. I predict that we will see many more instances of native populations in Europe rising up in this manner, as they realise how far down the river their governments have sold them.

Postscript: Another riot has also caught my attention today. Illegal immigrants detained at the Campsfield removal centre in Oxfordshire started smashing up the entire centre after an Algerian man was forcibly removed from his room. Surprising? Not really. But it does nonetheless demonstrate the attitudes of the people who live at Campsfield, who are being fed and sheltered at taxpayers' expense. The sooner we get them all deported, the better.

Update, 15th March, 5pm: Klein Verzet is now reporting that the Dutch police are denying that the officer was a Moroccan Muslim. However, even if the denial is true, this would not change the fact that the riots in Utrecht are primarily due to the fact that Muslim youths have been breaking the law and harassing the native population with impunity.

Also, Little Green Footballs has now reported the story, which can only be good news in terms of bringing it to the widest possible audience. It seems to be generating quite a response among the commenters there, with 825 comments at the time of writing.


Anonymous said...

Useful as LGF is, I find the comments there a little nasty and unsympathetic, myself. Still, there's always ATW for wider UK coverage, I suppose.

Btw, linked to you on this one. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.

Fulham Reactionary said...

A few of the commenters at LGF do appear quite virulently anti-British, reflecting, I think, a more general Anglophobic attitude among a small section of the US right. I recall a few days ago that one of them launched into a spiel about how the British could not be trusted because of our "decadent and juvenile" nature - evidenced by the fact that we have a monarch. But at least three commenters slapped him down for that, so I think most of them are very decent people (I occasionally comment there myself!). Besides which, the kind of anti-British talk there is nothing compared to the anti-American ranting that some in Britain, both left and right, get up to. In any event, with over 100,000 readers a day, LGF is an unrivalled asset in the information part of the battle against Islam.

Thanks for linking to me. I saw the link from your personal site earlier today, but have only just noticed the link from A Tangled Web. Judging by the number of comments on posts over there, it's by quite some way the largest blog to link to me so far, so extra thanks for that.

To any readers coming in from ATW: hello, and welcome.

Anonymous said...

No problem, I just hope they follow at least some of the links from the article. The Fjordman links are very informative on what we can expect if we continue to follow the Euro model.

I agree on the usefulnes of LGF, they're a very informative site. Even the barbed comments have a use, or could do if Britain would just raise herself from her lethargy and do something about the problem.

(By the way, when creating a link to LGF, if you replace the '&only' bit at the end of the URL with #, the page will show the article and all comments.)