Monday 19 March 2007

More criminal "justice" lunacy

The other day I remarked on Lord Falconer's assertion that Ian Huntley, along with a few other notorious murderers, would never be released from prison. I suggested that this was part of a smokescreen, designed to draw attention away from the fact that most murderers do get released.

Now I see that I was right. A couple of particularly sickening, but not very high profile, killers are coming up for parole, reports the Daily Express:
Among those who could benefit is a vile triple killer who killed three students in a crime of passion in March 1987.
Mahmood Hussain’s bid for early release due to the crisis has sparked outrage.

The 44-year-old butchered love rival Peter Mosley, 21, before decapitating him and killing his student housemates Ejaz Yousaf and Tahir Iqubal.

Yet the shameless killer believes he deserves to walk free from prison after serving just 20 years – and Mr Mosley’s family are appalled.

Hussain’s parole hearing is set to take place today, and due to prison overcrowding he’s confident of the outcome.

The news follows revelations yesterday that triple child-killer David McGreavy, 55 - who slaughtered Dorothy Urry’s small children Paul, four, Dawn, two, and Samantha, nine months, and impaled their bodies on railings in 1973 - is also up for parole this week.

Ms Urry, 55, of Andover, Hants, has written to the Home Secretary to protest at his proposed release after he killed her children while babysitting them at her Worcester home.

Last night Mr Mosley’s brother-in-law Nick Turner, 43, said he feared for what might happen if killers like Hussain were set free.
Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Lord Falconer made his remarks about Huntley primarily because this story was about to break?

The releases are apparently part of the government's response to prison overcrowding. The prison population is now 80,000, and tipped to hit 83,000 in June. Apparently, this is too much.

I've never really understood how a prison can be considered so crowded that it can take no more inmates: is there literally no room? Or is it rather that cramming them in three or four to a cell, instead of two, would upset the human rights crowd? Yes, why not let a few mass murderers back into society - as long as you don't upset Shami Chakrabarti.

Of course, I've said it before, and shall no doubt say it again: bring back hanging!

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Anonymous said...

For people like David McGreavy, hanging really is too good. If only we could resurrect Vlad Tepes and put him in charge of the Justice System.