Sunday 4 March 2007

Muslim schools, left-wing students, and free speech

I'm pretty busy at the moment, so posting may be somewhat sporadic until Tuesday evening. Or I may just neglect what I'm supposed to be doing and post anyway.

Just a few stories:

First, courtesy of Little Green Footballs, the news that over 50% of Muslim schools have gone more than five years without an Ofsted inspection. Given that King Fahad Academy, one of the better known Muslim independent schools, was recently caught teaching from books that described Jews as "apes"and Christians as "pigs", one might have thought that keeping an eye on Muslim schools would be something of a priority. But apparently not.

Second, Michael Cadwallader has a story about a campaign by left-wing Oxford students to get one of their professors sacked on account of his involvement with Migration Watch UK. Apparently even objecting to unlimited and unprecedented levels of mass immigration is now sufficient to label you an evil racist, who must be deprived of the right to earn a living. This is the third time in the last eight months that left-wing students have attempted to hound an academic out of his job because of alleged "racism". In the case of Leeds University lecturer Frank Ellis, they actually succeeded. More proof, if any was needed, that political correctness, and its advocates, are deeply totalitarian.

Finally, I've added two new sites to the blogroll. Michael Cadwallader, who I hope doesn't mind me nicking his story, goes in the UK section, while the Gunslinger's Journal, whose author certainly seems to have the right idea about terrorists (i.e. shoot them), goes in the International section.

Update, at 9.30pm: In case anyone notices, I've changed the title of this post, to something that sounds slightly more interesting than the previous, anodyne, title "A few things". I'd also draw my readers' attention to the comparisons between the Oxford case, and the ongoing Cambridge Motoon case. One features students trying to hound out an academic, the other features academics (supported by Muslims and the police force) trying to hound out a student.

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"A COUNCILLOR faces a disciplinary hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, 06 March) after a group of young Asian women complained she had racially insulted them.

Coun Gail Kenney, who represents Sawston on Cambridgeshire County Council, is alleged to have told one girl she only wore the hijab - a neck and head covering - because it suited her, and said a youth worker should intervene before another member of the group was "married off to some illiterate man from back home".

It is also claimed she made distasteful comments about Islamic terrorists.

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